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Money Making Drones Are The Best Drones

The internet is full of articles, blogs and reviews, offering opinions and advice about which drone is best for you, why it is the best, and how to choose the drone with the best features.

Seeing you are a wholesale buyer, looking to buy drones in bulk China factory direct, there is in fact only ONE drone that is the best for you:

The drone that will MAKE MONEY for you!

Visitors to this site are drone importers, distributors and mass retailers, looking to buy the newest, cheapest and best drones.  But the objective is not aerial photography or racing drones, the objective is simple to MAKE MONEY.

So lets take a quick look at the money making factors:

  • The supplier is more important than the drone: best selling drones come and go all the time. A good supplier is ideally a long term relationship. A good Chinese drone supplier will always inform you about the newest, best and cheapest drones coming out, and will recommend the drones that are actually available. (Not much point trying to buy drones that are so hot, that you need to wait months to get them, and by that time they are not hot anymore and the market is flooded).  Try to maintain a solid relationship with  your supplier; don’t switch to a different supplier just because they offer a lower price; they do it to “pull you in” and next order price will go up. As a long term business plan, focus on a good supplier.
  • Quality: All buyers are looking for cheap drones…but be careful. A cheap drone that arrives with quality problems is not cheap anymore…when you get returns and unhappy customers, this “cheap” drone is now VERY expensive. Once again, this is where a good relationship with a Chinese drone exporter kicks in. Your Chinese partner is on the factory floor, and knows very well if the quality of the drone is good or not. Aim for quality first, once you feel the quality has been secured, look for a low price on a high quality drone.
  • Cost of shipping: Shipping drones from China to other parts of the world is very expensive. Be wise about the shipping. As a general rule, ocean freight is the best option, as it is safe and cheap. But ocean freight requires planning months in advance. Keep in mind you will need to wait for your drones to be produced. First, you will wait for your turn, then you will wait for the actual production time, then you will wait for the drones to be shipped, and then the shipping itself can easily take a month so if you want drones 3 months from now, order your drones today.

Conclusion: How many features a drone has and what kind of features, do not make it a good drone. A good drone is a drone that will put money in your pocket. It should be of good quality, available, as cheap as possible and there must be high demand for the specific type of drone you are buying. Some drones are always in high demand and very popular even if they are not the hottest DJI drone out there: best of all are toy drones. Toy RC drones are always fun, exciting, cheap and best selling.

One final comment: A drone cannot be good, if it is not a lucky drone. Every business transaction requires a certain amount of luck.

On our site, every drone is a lucky drone, if you buy your drones from a wholesale supplier or a drone manufacturer listed here, you have a higher chance of being lucky!

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