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Quadcopters & Drones For Sale

Quadcopters & Drones For Sale. Fast shipments of drones directly from China multirotor factory. Low wholesale prices for quadcopters and factory direct shipments.

The internet is flooded with articles and reviews about drones and quadcopters, and deciding which one to buy is not easy.

It is important first of all to understand what a drone is.

An rc helicopter is just a toy. But as soon as you attach a camera to it, it is called a drone. If this drone has 4 rotors, it is called a quadcopter, 6 rotors it is called a hex copter, and with 8 rotors it is referred to as an octocopter.

As soon as the rc helicopter has more than one rotor, which is almost always the case with camera drones for sale, it is called a multirotor. And all drones, rc helicopters and quadcopters, regardless of how many rotors they have, are called UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drones are a new class of product. Some drones are simple and cheap, and are just toys. Some quadcopters are very sophisticated and loaded with features and flying capabilities, and some drones are just hobby models.

If you want to buy a drone, but don’t know which one to choose, or what the best drones for sale are, then coming to China Drone Factory was a good choice. This guide will hopefully take you through all of the best ready-to-fly multirotor quadcopters. It should also give you a reason to pick one drone over the other.

Here is my personal quadcopter blog for ready to fly multirotor drones. In my opinion, there are four key factors that make a good ready to fly multirotor drone. Each model will be rated based on features, quality, ease of use and value.
Estes Proto X1 Best Drone & Quadcopter For Sale

The Proto X is one of the smallest quadcopters on the market. It has 3 gyros, 3 accelerometers, 4 motor speed controllers and a radio receiver all shoved into a tiny PCB board about the size of a quarter.

The price for this mini rc drone is only about $43. It’s one of the cheapest mini rc quadcopters you can buy. It’s very fast for how small it is, but at the same time since the rotors are so small and close together, people have found that it’s a bit hard to maneuvre. Since the Proto X is so cheap, quality inspections at the factory are not the best, and there is a chance you could buy a defective one, but a mini rc drone at this price is a bargain!

I can’t recommend this quadcopter if you’re serious about getting into the hobby, but it’s definitely a good rc toy if you just want something to fly around the house, and get a little exprience flying a drone.

Quadcopters & Drones For Sale. Fast shipments of drones directly from China multirotor factory. Low wholesale prices for quadcopters and factory direct shipments.

QAV400 ready to fly version
QAV400 rtf Best Drones & Quadcopters For Sale

The QAV400 is a quadcopter designed for sport flying and FPV (first person view). It’s actually just a frame that’s sold so people can add their own electronics to it, but you can get a ready-to-fly version with all of the electronics installed if you’re willing to pay the price.

The feeling you get when flying FPV with this quadcopter is absolutely amazing. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything like this unless you already have experience with RC planes or helicopters. This is truly a hobbyist type of multirotor and all of the parts and components are high quality, customizable and made by completely different companies. So getting it set up and fixing it when you crash would be a lot harder than most of the other ready-to-fly drones out there.

The price for this quadcopter is $895 which is normal for ready-to-fly multirotors in this category.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0
Parrot AR.Drone 2 Best Drones & Quadcopters For Sale

The AR Drone 2.0 is one of the coolest quadcopters out there. It has a 1GHz 32 bit processor, 1GB of ram, gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, a pressure sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, 2 cameras and more. Even though it’s over 2 years old, the AR Drone is still one of the most advanced quadcopters available in its price range which is $299.

The biggest feature of the AR Drone is that it can be controlled from your iPhone. You can also see a live video feed from the phone screen and record video. It’s even running Linux and there’s an AR Drone open API platform, so you can program it to do whatever you want.

Like the other multirotors & quadcopters on the list, this is “not” a perfect quadcopter. The biggest feature of this Drone is actually one of it’s biggest problems. The AR drone can only be controlled with your phone, meaning that you can’t use a normal RC controller with real control sticks. That also means that there’s no way to fly manually.

If you’re planning on learning how to fly so you can operate a more advanced model in the future, you won’t learn anything with the AR Drone.

LaTrax Alias
Best Quadcopters & Drones For Sale

If you want to learn how to fly a quadcopter manually, the LaTrax Alias is a great way to start. The reason why it’s a good quadcopter to learn with is because it has a full manual flight mode and it’s extremely durable. This means that you can learn how to fly without worrying too much about crashing.

Since it’s about 7 inches wide and has big propellers it also has great yaw authority, so doing bank turns, pirouette maneuvers and more would be no problem. It’s also big enough to carry a small camera like the 808 keychain camera. I’ve even seen people instal video transmitters and do FPV.

The only down side about the Alias is the price which is about $150. It might seem a little bit pricy at first, but at the same time it’s built well and even if you do manage to break it, all of the parts are replaceable. This is not the type of quadcopter where you end up throwing it away after a month of use.

3D Robotics IRIS
3d robotics drone in action Best Quadcopters & Drones For Sale

Out of all the drones for sale, (other than the AR Drone) the IRIS has the biggest list of features. In a nutshell, the IRIS is for people who have never owned a drone before, but want something that they can tinker with and modify.

It has a lot of auto-pilot features such as auto takeoff and landing, GPS waypoint flight (with a computer or android device), live data telemetry and more. You can also order the IRIS with a brushless gimbal for the GoPro (made by a company called Tarot) for shooting aerial video, although in my opinion, shooting video was just an after thought when 3D Robotics was designing the IRIS.

The IRIS is an interesting quadcopter, especially for people who want to learn about flight controllers and how auto-pilot systems work, but for the rest of us out there it’s a bit hard to justify spending $750 which is how much it costs to have something that isn’t very user friendly.

Quanum Nova
Cheerson CX 20 Best Drones & Quadcopters For Sale

If you’re on a budget and want a lot of features for your money, the Quanum Nova is probably the best drone for you. It has a similar shell design to the DJI Phantom 2, but it’s running the same software as the 3D Robotics IRIS, which means that it has almost all of the features of the IRIS (with the exception of data telemetry) at a fraction of the cost.

The Quanum Nova is only $300 which is very low for what it can do. You have to buy the battery and charger separately, but even when adding that to the full cost it would only be about $400 for everything ($350 less than the IRIS). Just like the IRIS, the Nova also has an optional brushless gimbal for the GoPro that costs $100 extra.

The main thing to take into consideration with the Quanum Nova is that it’s a very new quadcopter. There aren’t many videos out there or documentation on how to use it, or problems that it could potentially have in the future. So far, all of the reviews I’ve seen have been great, so this is definitely a quadcopter to consider if you’re looking for a super low cost camera platform.
Blade Nano QX Best Drones & Quadcopters For Sale
The nano QX is a lot like the LaTrax Alias but smaller. Because it’s a few inches smaller than the Alias it doesn’t have as much yaw authority, but it’s still a lot better than the tiny Proto X.

It has two flight modes, stability and agility. In agility mode you have full control over the quadcopter to learn how to fly manually. It does not have the auto flipping functions that the Alias does, but that isn’t a problem since you can do flips manually and it’s more fun. Since the Nano QX is smaller than the Alias, it’s only $90 instead of $150. The only annoying thing about having a smaller quadcopter like the Nano QX is that it’s harder to see when flying far away, so it’s easier to lose orientation, but in general, it’s still a good quadcopter to learn with, especially since you can also use it with any DSMX RC transmitter.
DJI Phantom 2 Best Quadcopter & Drone For Sale

Last but not least, the best drone for sale right now is the Phantom 2. There are a few reasons why it’s so great. The first is that it’s the easiest multirotor to fly hands down. Even an 8 year old could learn how to control it within a few minutes. Not only is it a great quadcopter for beginners, when combining it with the H3-3D gimbal it’s one of the best aerial video tools ever made. It also has the longest flight time (20 minutes) out of any ready-to-fly quadcopter that’s under $1000. DJI is also always updating their software to fix bugs and add additional features to their products.

The Phantom 2 is priced at about $680 which isn’t cheap, but at the same time it’s made a lot better than the other quadcopters like the Quanum Nova and it flies a lot better too.

Another bad thing that actually has nothing to do with the Phantom itself is DJI’s bad customer support, probably because they have so many people buying Phantoms that they can’t keep up with questions and complaints. On the other hand, the amount of YouTube videos, websites and people in general talking about Phantoms is huge. Any questions that you might have, there will always be someone out there who knows the answer. You can also find a massive amount of after market products for sale like carrying cases, upgrade parts and more
Drones For Dummies: Everything You Need To Know About Buying Drones & Quadcopters
This article explains the very basic “key words” needed to understand the world of drone. Several years ago, someone, somewhere, decided that rc helicopters with a camera are…drones. Drones of course are weapons used by the military, but suddenly, out of nowhere, anything that flies with a camera is a…drone. The word drone has become one of the biggest marketing gimmicks of all times. This basic explanation of the relevant drone keywords will help dummies and almost everyone else.

First, what is “RC”? RC means: Remote control, Remote controlled, radio control and radio controlled. All of the above are referred to by drone professionals as “rc”, which indicate the ability to control a flying object by holding the control unit in your hands.

RC helicopters are toys. They come in multiple sizes and shapes: mini rc helicopters, micro rc helicopters and tiny rc helicopters. Then there are large rc helicopters, outdoor rc helicopters and of course what everyone is looking for: New rc helicopters. All of these rc helicopters have one thing in common: they are toys.

Now lets take anyone of these RC helicopters and attach a camera…now we have a…drone. Drone has become the generic word for anything that flies and has a camera or a video camera. Now it is all a question of which drone we are referring too.

Most drones have 4 rotors, and are called quadcopters. Obviously, these quadcopters are RC quadcopters. If they have 6 rotors, they are called hex copters, and if they have 8 rotors they are octocopters. The hottest kind of rc drones on the market are the rc quadcopters, not really sure why, maybe because 4 rotors is just the right number of rotors go give the helicopter enough power and the right amount of ease of control for steady flying.

UAVs are all of the above. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Anything that flies with a camera, drones, quadcopters, hex copters and octocopters are all UAVs, and they fly unmanned and are controlled via the RC control unit.

I almost forgot to mention…multirotor. Well, let’s see, what can a multi rotor be?

Feel free to buy your quadcopter directly from the factory, buying factory direct usually saves money.

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To summarize my FPV blog below: FPV are weapons.  The FPV for sale offered on this site, and every other site, are rc helicopters with cameras, not real FPV.  It seems like the word “FPV” is turning out to be one of the best marketing gimmicks of all times! RC mini helicopters, tiny rc helicopters and palm size rc helicopters are usually too small to carry cameras or video cameras. But all other kinds of remote control helicopters, regardless if they are indoor rc helicopters or outdoor remote controlled helicopters usually have the ability to carry a camera or a video camera.  Once an rc helicopter for sale has a camera attached to it, it becomes a “FPV“. Some of these “FPV” are just rc toys for sale, and some are a more sophisticated hobby model flying rc helicopter for sale with a better overall quality, but do not confuse rc helicopters for sale with real FPV for sale.  Every “FPV for sale” on this page and on the market is just an rc helicopter for sale, real FPV are not for sale on consumer websites!

Originally the only kind of FPV were military FPV. But these days FPV have become very popular, and include multiple kinds and categories of FPV, like: rc FPV, toy FPV, hobby FPV, commercial FPV and professional FPV, and they vary in quality and equipment from FPV that are just toys, to real aircraft quality. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a FPV and referred to as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. If a FPV does not have a camera or video capabilities it is not considered to be a real FPV. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. The typical launch and recovery method of an unmanned aircraft (FPV) is by the function of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground. Historically, FPV were simple remotely piloted aircraft, but autonomous control is increasingly being employed. FPV are usually deployed for military and special operation applications, but also used in a small but growing number of civil applications, such as search and rescue, policing and firefighting, and nonmilitary security work, such as surveillance of pipelines or bridges. FPV are often preferred for missions that are too “dull, dirty or dangerous” for manned aircraft.  The toy and hobby industries went through an “earthquake” in 2005 when the first rc helicopters came on the market.  Once the action moved up into the air, it was obvious that rc helicopters were the most exciting and most fun kind of toys, and the mini rc helicopters became hot and popular toys.  From that moment onward, rc helicopters continued to EVOLVE in quality, precision and equipment.  Moving from a remote control helicopter to a FPV was a natural step.  Take a radio controlled helicopter, put a camera on it, and now it is a…FPV.  The line between rc helicopters and FPV is a thin line.  Any rc helicopter with a camera or a video is in fact a FPVFPV appeal to the mass market as rc toys, and will no doubt continue to be the hottest toys forever, as nothing beats a flying helicopter with a video camera.  What makes the FPV so unique is the fact they come in so many shapes and sizes, and vary in quality from rc toys all the way to aircraft quality….real airplanes!  And besides being very exciting and fun to fly toys, FPV have so many useful practices.  FPV are and will be a very hot selling product forever!

I was in the toy manufacturing business for about 25 years.  At a certain point it became obvious that the best selling category of toys is the rc toys, also known as remote control toys or radio control toys. Kids love rc cars, particularly rc stunt cars, but also rc boats, rc trucks, and of course rc airplanes.  Flying an rc airplane is a lot more exciting than playing on the ground with an rc toy, but, it is still somewhat boring, similar to flying a kite that just sits there.  When the rc helicopters came out in 2005, they came as a tsunami….The factories in China were not able to produce enough to supply the demand: mini rc helicopters, tiny rc helicopters, palm size rc helicopters, indoor rc helicopters and outdoor rc helicopters….it just went on and on. It was crystal clear that remote control helicopters and radio controlled helicopters are the next big thing…for a very long time.  But who could imagine that the craze of flying rc toys, would turn into the “FPV craze”?  All the toy factories in China need to do is attach a camera or a video camera to an rc helicopter, and this helicopter now becomes a FPV.  The number of uses for FPV is unimaginable and unlimited. First, just like the rc helicopters, the FPV come in multiple sizes and shapes.  Large FPV, mini FPV, outdoor FPV, indoor FPV, expensive FPV, cheap FPV, it just goes on and on.  Now I tell my dog to fetch the newspaper, it is just a question of time before indoor tiny FPV will be able to fetch and move things from one place to another inside a house.  Just think of all the aerial photography opportunities the FPV offer! Land surveys, agriculture use, search and rescue, spying and tracking movements, delivery of goods, and last but not least, just fun….As time goes by, the FPV will be put to use more and more for commercial and professional use, but the largest sector using FPV will always be the consumer market, FPV are the ultimate toys!

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