HSP 94680T2 Mini rock crawler 1/18 Unboxing + Review + 3d Imprvements  


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31/12/2016 2:45 am  

Hello friends, I open this thread to introduce you one very special little one, The last Rock Crawler who has joined the Songoland family.

This great [b] HSP scale 1/18 [/b], A Climber with a precious Look. I am talking about the model [b] HSP 94680T2 [/b]. I echo the image and likeness of his older brothers,

With mini crawler test fun is assured. 4-wheel drive, independent suspension, or the possibility of installing a power steering on the rear axle easily. This car is prepared for adventure just out of the box.


Metal chassis and many moving parts, give you the strength and hardness necessary to deal with almost any obstacle that lies ahead.

A cheap car with a great possibility of being personalized.

Good chassis to start your first climbs. Both indoors and outdoors, given its small size and low speed is also perfect for playing indoors. Can one ask for more?


This model as well as twin brother with dual steering, come fully assembled and are [b] RTR [/b]. You only have to put milas to the manido and you can start enjoying.

The components are of good quality. It comes with a very beautiful station, ready for future improvements (and thus not having to change it) Battery charger and intrusions of use and disassembly.

It also brings a list of all the parts of this car and its reference numbers in case you have to change some .. Very complete.

It is not a fast car, since it is to climb, if you want a car with speed, this is not yours. But if you want to climb anywhere and have a nice torque with great force, this Jeep HSP 94680T2 will feet like charm for you.


[B] Unboxing video [/b]


[B] Package Contents: [/b]

1x HSP 1/18 94680T2 RC (one servo)

1x 2.4GHz 2CH transmitter

1x Charger

1x Instruction and Maintenance Manual

1x Battery 7.2V 1100mAh Ni-MH (XT60 plug)


[B] Metal Chassis: [/b]

This Crawler takes shape from its sturdy metal plate chassis. They make it super sturdy and stable. This type of chassis is perfect for extreme modifications if desired. The possibilities without many, simply playing with different types of tires, and suspensions can quickly and dramatically change the look of the car.


[B] Engine: [/b]

It assembles a motor RC 260 in its interior, that next to the gearbox that incorporates supplies the necessary power to both axes. This engine and the ESC that rides the Jeep, worked finely together, I liked the touch it has on the station when it comes to being precise.



[B] 4WD or 4x4 [/b]

It is equipped with independent differential on each axle, ensuring traction and grip in extreme conditions. Both axles receive the power of a gearbox of 3 gears, with its independent connection prepared for the movements of the depreciation. It works really well.


[B] Multi link suspension [/b]

To provide this small climbing skills, has installed a system in Y multilink that gives the necessary freedom to each axis regardless of adapting to the shape of the obstacles or rocks that we are encountering along the way. For scenarios, it is advisable to adapt the suspensions and covers to the frame in question. Improving driving and helping to reach unreachable sites for many other RC's.


[B] Closed Differentials [/b]

The differentials of this model, are completely sealed, it is advisable to open them from time to time and grease them a little, thus lengthen the life of its components.


[B] Servo address: [/b]

This model assembles a single 2.5kg servo on its front, although both the car and the station are ready to operate with two servos simultaneously, this is an improvement that we must make on our own. But it will be as simple as adding the servo and connecting it to the receiver of the car. This function can come in handy for craweling once you have gained a little more experience in the technique.



[B] ESC AND receiver [/b]

The electronics that mount the car is perfectly secured and protected under the housing of the HSP, the ESC is waterproof but the receiver would say no. (Better not wet if you do not want it to be cold).




[B] Battery [/b]

The battery that brings us this small, is 7.2V 1100mHA, sits perfectly under the car along, and fastened with two safety pins.

It's not a fast car, but it's always appreciated that things are firmly in place. This car is not fast, maybe that's why it lasts so long, but it has surprised me a lot of its duration, I've been enjoying it for 30 minutes until it has begun to notice a perdis of strength. Very happy in that aspect. It took me about 2h to load. Mount an XT60 connector, typical of this Ni-MH battery. These batteries in the first charges, it is advisable to let them charge a little more time. So in future loads will hold better.


[B] Rating: [/b]

Well I think I can only say good things about this little one, for the price it has, I would say it is a very good option to start in this fantastical world.

As I said above is easy to modify, can change and date parts of other cars to this, and really create the car that you like and approach your needs.


I have already planned to make some improvements, starting with the back suspension, which I see a little soft. I also want to adapt other more fat wheels for steeper terrain, and I will surely make some kind of hitch to tow a trailer. Without a doubt it is a car that I recommend for both older and younger, is a car that for its dimesions, weight and speed, is inside the "safe one" to call them somehow, it is still a toy (with many possibilities That is) in the image and likeness of his bigger brothers.



I think HSP has made a really versatile and very good looking model. Plus that Jeep shell I love !. Well, I hope soon to be able to show some adventure recorded with him, I have made some recordings on his first output and as soon as I can edit the videos I will share them here.


[B] Links of purchase and others of interest: [/b]

* Discount of 37 EUR using this code: [B] HSP946 [/B]

Original HSP 94680T2 1/18 2.4Ghz 2CH 4WD: [url][/url]

Parts and spare parts: [url][/url]

Improvements to 3D printing: [url][/url]

My other RC: [url][/url]


Technical specifications:[/B]

Brand Name: HSP

Item Name: RC Rock Crawler

Transmitter: 2.4Ghz 2CH

Battery charger: EU / US / UK plug optional

Wheelbase: 220mm

Ground clearance: 30mm

Diameter of the wheel: 95mm

Width of wheel: 34mm

Engine: RC 260

ESC: brushed 60A

Gear ratio: 1:88

Servo: 2.5kg

Traction system: 4 wheel drive

Material: Metal

Battery: 7.2V 1100mAh Ni-MH battery (XT60 plug)

Transmitter power supply: 4 * 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Size: 310 * 170 * 180mm

Item Weight: 915g

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31/12/2016 7:56 pm  

here i have new Adventure video 🙂 first test of the HSP HSP 94680T2

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04/03/2017 2:44 am  

Hi friends, in today's post I share here an improvement that I have made to my Jeep HSP, I have put a bigger servo with metal gears, I have designed the pieda for imprimeira in 3d and that it serves for almost any servant stardard of the same kind.


Video of the process:


Video testing the piece:


Spare Parts Link: L

Links to the file of the piece in 3D (free download):


a greeting

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