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JJRC H23 Quadcopter & Car 2 in 1 Realy cool! Dual mode + Unboxing + Review + Videos  


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28/09/2016 3:23 am  

Hello friends, this time I want to talk a bit of the last drone that I have and receive, manufactured by JJRC and after take some surprises, worth creating a thread for it.

H23 model is the car-quad or car Dron,

Unboxing :

At least you can not say no different, with four wheels and four helices, this drone

It is in the middle of two worlds. It is as if the creators wanted to capture design the car of the future but retro style ??

with those blades painted to hapache when on the move makes a very cool effect!

Well, I think that this 60% compared to 40% air land you that I think is more drone that car, although it can

become very fun and even useful on its 4-wheel drive it. If you are someone who like adventure vivi

Unlimited, perhaps this golden land air can serve well to reach the most remote places

you can imagine ...

At night the truth is decked with lights, perfect for those night flights .. with those leds

It is easier for novices like me control the drone, with reference to good lights front and dertas indicating very clearly.

The H23 is the model that JJRC has decided to stand up to other models with similar features such

as Syma X9 or SY 25, which also look very nice!

The construction material is Abs, looks strong and with good finishes, is light, little more than 100g ..

an advantage in maximizing the flight time, which is about 5 minutes per battery.

It takes very common batteries, if you have more drones is likely to be served the same for both, this mounts

750mha but one of the 600 also works perfectly, besides these battery are easy to find to sell,

its price is around 2 euros, so if this is your first drone is a good idea along with buying a set of 4 or 5 m batteries ..

Representing a minimum expenditure and a very good investment, they are also compatible with most drones.

As it behaves in the air?

The flight is undoubtedly the strongest part of this drone, it takes well in any of the 3 modoso flight has ,,

(Slow, intermediate and fast) but it is fast is when I really felt its potential, if not by the wheels

or the aerodynamic shape that has but responds very well and fine movements, it is fast and agile, otherwise

which it has surprised me is the scope of the station, get really far much more than others that I have similar characteristics.

Video first flight:

The transmitter, as I am I commented too, think it's exactly the same or if not very similar to that brings sue

JJRC brother H31 with a nice design touch and good handling. All buttons are handy, like the trim to finish tuning

and on the ground that such?

When we passed downstairs, it's another story, one thing that caught me by surprise, (unlike similar models from other brands, I do not look at anyone (xxx)) is that this

has the "front" fixed, do not use an address to rotate, it does directly controlling the rotation of the wheels wheels do not turn as could be expected, the car for my taste is too sensitive when twist (which makes turning only one of its rear wheels, which gives you maneuverability on the ground that the land this level will not cost you easily reach your destination ..

Well, after to make it run for a while on different types of terrain, I can say that where works best

and defended it on smooth surfaces, asphalt, walkways, etc ..

what in side??

The highlight is 6 Axis Gyro riding inside, guilty of stability that has even a little wind.

Automatic return to home! Return key to have automatic home and of course, pirouettes 360, easily and cleanly can

acrobatics make beautiful even without being an expert at it. The return home, works in the air and on the ground so much !! I was stunned ..


Pros and cons that I encounter:


Which it is a 2 in 1!

Modern design

removable battery very common

easy to drive


No own camera

(Although brings the function on the remote)

They have no protection propellers

(And that in the rookies above all thanks a lot)

Key Features:

Built-in Gyro:

Material: ABS / PS, Electronic Components

Remote Control: Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless Channel: 4-Channels

Detailed Control Distance: 200m

Transmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery

Battery: 3.7V 750mAh LiPo battery

Flying Time: 6 ~ 7mins

Product weight: 0.114 kg

Package Contents: 1 x RC Quadcopter 1 x Transmitter, 1 x USB Cable 2 x Spare Blade, 1 x (Inglés + Chinese) User Manual

Links of interest:

more technical data this drone.


3D printing !?

If you would like to see if there are better available for this drone to print your miso, visit this link:


Want more videos? : [url=][/url]

Buy This drone ?:  [url=][/url]

* Extra gift: This coupon is valid for take off many of the things the RC section. You can use it as many times as you want

Use the code: RC15OFF

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28/09/2016 3:23 am  


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