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07/12/2016 3:02 pm  

Hello! My name is Samantha. I have an 8-year-old kid and we are currently residing in New Jersey. I just want to take a survey from you. I am planning to give a drone "for kids" to my 8-year old son. I saw here that there are drones that are suitable for their ages. However, I still can't decide. I really want to get something for him this Christmas and if you can answer it right away, I can decide which one to buy for his present. Your inputs will be much appreciated and I will look into your reviews. Thank you so much and have a nice day! I will be waiting for all of your responses. I hope to get some. Thanks again!

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12/12/2016 9:47 am  

Hello Samantha, you said you want to buy a Christmas gift for your 8 years old kid, so I think the drone should easy to use, small and easy to carry. So I recommend you can choose Wingsland S6, it is a unique slim 4K intelligent handheld drone, it is easy to use and take, you can watch this video on this website:  

You can go to there to know more details.

Hope your kid can receive a satisfied Christmas gift.


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