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Dron Cheerson CX - 10WD Tx (WiFi FPV Quadcopter) + Unboxing + Review + Videos  


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24/09/2016 8:35 pm  

Hello friends, to day I would like to talk a little of my little nano. 

If something makes me see that technology is advancing fast, it's small things like this ..

A few years ago, it seemed impossible that they could cram as much in such a small place.

While this drone is perfect to start at low cost. also a nobb pilot would have a great time with this nano drone.


Intro video:  

Where to buy? : ???? [url=][/url]


The key point, apart from FVP, is the automatic altitude control that integratesthis drone and works perfectly, and something like that, especially for novices like me, thanks much .. 

Since it is known that one of the hardest things when you're starting up is to keep well and avoid being rectified all the time, which significantly increases the battery drain.


This Cheerson CX-10WD-TX 

The color model that come to me is a beautiful metallic gray ,, but is also available in gold, silver and pink-red, all very cool and well finished.


[img] [/img]


The drone is presented in a really cool look (extending sideways) and at the same time, transport box,

The truth that I congratulate the creators of the design looks very authentic and with a quality finish.


Most interesting things about this mini dron .. good weight, as you can imagine is featherweight, less than 20g and considering it has FVP flight, could said that this is one os smaller and cheaper drones in the world, with which you can enjoy this form of simplmente flight with the APP and also your mobile phone ... and if you want to loop the loop you can have a 100% fvp experience with this head mount it will be more than easy!


Video Unboxing:


It has a small battery that comes buildin, and could not be removed, yes, you have to wait to reload. 

It does not take much, really, being so small, but if you have to wait about 30 minutes and will be fully charged again .. who would like to wait to load again to continue playing? raise your hand .. ahah


it is a battery of 150 mAh Li-Po enough to keep the drone flying about 4-5 minutes which is not bad if you think about all the things that have to endure this battery .. Motors & led drone, feed video camera and wifi module to synchronize lights ,, if you think about it, there are many things .. never ceases to amaze ..




He has led lights to keep him in sight in low light. (Blue and red back forward)


video / photo camera

The CX-10WD not need micro SD card as the CX-10C, the captured files are stored in flash memory of the phone that is connected by wifi, you have 4MP camera wifi and fvp, the resolucon at which recording is 720 x 576 pixels, as you can assume it is nothing fancy. But to hang out not bad (and using the spare chamber say that the flight time is reduced) but this good try .. All this comfortably from your mobile with the app.

Recommended its intalacion! (Although you can use the drone perfectly without)


[img] [/img]


Dron control and command

You can use it from the phone (just does not work well for my fingers xD) in addition to that command brings so cool, that option not see necessary. As I said the transmitter is the box also, so perfect for safely transporting or have it well guarded.


it have 3 modes of flight The speed setting speed is confirmed by beeps as in most of drones.

(1 beep! Beginner, 2 beep! Beep intermediate and 3! Advanced). 


To start with the drone, I recommend putting it in beginner mode and gradually going up ..

should not be in a hurry ..

It is fully recommended for indoor flight, you aunquepodras quietly enjoy the outdoors, plus vuenos record videos. (That if windless day)a breath can take it away ...


Video first set up:  

360 pirouettes! 

the "sticks" of command, are also button (if pressed) with them can make pirouettes and a professional look at the controls of this minidron: P


Height Control

Except for some jumps in the first control after take off automatically, everything went well.

The CX-10WD Cheerson-TX is very stable and easy to control even for those with little experience as me.


[img] [/img]



Now is the best nano drone I've tried so far. It has everything one could wish for, video camera, fvp, transport box is connected the mobile, easy recharge anywhere and best of all, it is super easy to carry .. 

have nothing to see with those who have no control height without hesitation ..

this improvement is what makes you make a difference. really COOL!


It is also a plus point that this manufacturer really is getting the batteries, it's easy to find spare parts (blades and engines basically) to have as many models already on the market, deberi not have problem with that. 

A drone to be at home and be able fly without any kind of danger ,, i will give it a 9!


Links of interest:

more technical data this drone.

???? [url=][/url]


3D printing !?

If you would like to see if there are better available for this drone to print yourself, visit this link:

???? [url=][/url]


Want more videos?

First Flight: Almost ready ..

Trailer / intro: Almost ready ..

Buy This drone ?: ???? [url=][/url]


* Extra gift: This coupon is valid for take off many of the things the RC section. You can use it as many times as you want 

Use the code: RC15OFF

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