About King Zozo


We are a team interesting with the multi rotors just like you, E-space series are the Carton Fiber multi rotor
frames. We try to make lighten frame and reasonable sturcture to bring better performance. We are listening your idea and suggestions to inprove it. Welcome!


GF-400 Quadcopter & Mulicopter drone FPV Aircraft with landing gear, motors, ESC, propellers 100% NEW Model: GF-400 This is a nice design quad copter frame, […]

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GF-360 3K carbon fiber quadcopter 4-rotor drone FPV Aircraft NEW This is a light design for quad copter . made by full 3K carbon fiber. 28 Aluminum spacers to make it stronger! 360mm design allow use 9 inches propeller! Compatible with DJI, Zero, XA , MWC. KK ….flight controllers. The design accept 2x batteries. good for FPV purpose. Light and stable. After we build this quad copter only 937g!!! (including the landing […]