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Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Imagery – Aerial Photography – Aerial Cinematography – Aerial Video Production

Drone by the hour is Boston’s premiere aerial photography and video service provider. With years of experience, we operate with flying cameras ranging from the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus to larger crafts to fit your budget and needs. Drone by the hour services includes pre-planning, permissions, all the necessary equipment, 12 megapixel 1080P remote control 3 axis gyro stabilized camera, wireless video assist, waypoint flying and crew of one to two people with years of remote flying experience.
We specialize in high resolution drone aerial photography, video, 2D/3D modeling and safety consultations for:
Architects/engineers and designers
Boating (sales and events)
Commercial/residential real estate and land sales
Fundraising and events
Golf courses, hotels and resorts
Industrial applications
Promotional/recreational (Flying banners, confetti dropping etc.)
Renewable energy companies
TV/Film/Web video production

We are excited to offer 3 new services starting in 2015:
– Create a live aerial webfeed of your event that broadcasts in realtime online in 720p quality.
– At home/on location drone training.
– Create a centimeter accurate 3D model of your location with the ability to accurately measure distances and volumes and export the 3D and 2D data into software programs like GIS software, CAD and Sketch up.

We are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts but work throughout New England.

Based in Los Angeles, Drone Dudes is a unique collective of filmmakers, designers, and flying robots. With their custom fleet of Cinema-Drones, they are able to achieve shots previously deemed impossible. Their systems and workflow have been carefully crafted to meet the demands and aesthetics of the motion picture industry, allowing for what they believe is the best overall aerial experience with the best tools for capture. With over a decade of combined experience in aerial cinematography and motion picture robotics, the Drone Dudes team is led by some of the best-regarded pilots and aerial cinematographers in the industry.

Drone Girl was created with the intent to explore drones and how they can assist the world via the imagery they produce.

Drones have many positive uses — they’ve been used by park rangers to spot poachers and save rhinos , they can be used for news purposes to show the scope of droughts, and they can even deliver sushi at restaurants.

Drones are a new tool for making images from the air. Aerial photography has been around for decades – with photos coming from photographers in helicopters, airplanes, and even weather balloons. This technique simply performs aerial photography using a quadcopter with a camera attached to it. It’s cheaper than commissioning a helicopter, and it can be used at a moment’s notice, essentially bringing what was a rare form of photography to the mainstream.

Drone Girl is an outlet for publishing aerial photos, videos, and stories about the evolution of drones.

Recently started by avid photographer Mark Ryan, DRONE HOME was founded solely to help give back to our community. We provide Aerial Photography and Video at NO CHARGE! We do take donations for our 2 favorite charities: SPECIAL OLYMPICS and OPEN DOOR MISSION of Rochester. However, a donation is not required.

DRONE HOME’S top priorities are safety, quality and helping the less fortunate.

Drone Jett, Jersey Shore’s premier aerial photography service uses the latest in cutting edge technology to deliver brilliant digital aerial photographs and video. Our services are ideal for realtors, commercial & residential property investors, home owners, golf courses, beach clubs, private investigators, accident investigators, insurance adjusters, contractors, surveyors, developers, parties, weddings and events.

Drone Promotions uses the latest in drone technology in order to create full production online and T.V based promotional content. We work with creative clients in numerous markets including events, weddings, action sports, nature, marketing and much more. Furthermore Drone Promotions is a proud member of the United States Association of Unmanned Aerial Videographers and who’s safety regulations we uphold, taking public safety as our number one priority.

Drone With Me dedicates itself to offering you the best images through innovations in drone and vision products and top-quality services:

Drone My Place: Simply the best service to promote your place, to capture souvenirs of your home sweet home.
Drone My Event: The unique opportunity to promote your events like never before, to immortalize the most precious day of a lifetime.
Drone My Sport: Finally, the possibility to watch your exploits from the sky, to capture competitions in less accessible locations.
Drone My Concept: Drone With Me is opening up an unprecendented era of aerial viewing for your needs, your ideas, and your own concepts.

DroneBoy is based in Toronto, Ontario and has worked extensively throughout all of Canada and at many locations worldwide. The company’s passion is shooting high quality video and still images from a variety of flying platforms. They create unique aerial content for film and television, the corporate market, sporting events, industry, and even private events. No job is too big or too small.

DroneBoy is based in Toronto, Ontario and has worked extensively throughout all of Canada and at many locations worldwide. The company’s passion is shooting high quality video and still images from a variety of flying platforms. They create unique aerial content for film and television, the corporate market, sporting events, industry, and even private events. No job is too big or too small.

DroneDeploy enables you to put drones to work for your business. DroneDeploy provides a platform for Drone Workflows, simple workflows to get stuff done with drones. Create high-precision surveys, agricultural maps, and point clouds with just a few clicks. is the world’s number one online store to purchase the DJI PHANTOM. They offer the lowest price and the fastest shipping, plus the best customer service via email and phone! Dronefly’s founders Taylor Chien (CEO) and Frank Tesoro (CFO) share the same vision of providing high tech aerial vehicles for both professional and recreational uses.

Droneshare is a flight viewing and sharing application that works with ground control applications to let you share your flight data. This project is open source, and if you would like to improve it, it is probably best to start at our github site.

DroneTek was founded by Miah Roggio in 2014 to provide high quality aerial photography services, taking advantage of new drone technology to produce better results at more affordable prices than were ever possible before. Miah’s background has prepared him well to take advantage of the latest drone technologies. Miah grew up building and flying remote control aircraft. In 2005, he became an FAA certified private pilot, and in 2009, he became an FAA certified aviation maintenance technician. Since 2010, Miah has been employed by a major aerospace company as a helicopter flight test mechanic. This aviation background, combined with a great enjoyment of photography and videography, inspired Miah to found DroneTek. It’s his hope that you will appreciate the passion and enthusiasm he brings to this exciting new field!

DroneView Technologies is a leading provider of Aerial Imaging Solutions and Drone Pilot Training. With a keen emphasis on Safety and Responsible operations, their drones (UAVs) provide services in the following markets: precision agriculture and farming, utility and industrial inspection, real estate, construction, public safety, search and rescue, movie and TV production, action sports, and the wildlife and environmental sector.

DroneWanted provides drone-based aerial videography, photography, and editing services. Headquartered in Madison, WI, and willing to travel.

The mission is to design and make the most advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) frames, components, and systems. Their drones are for friendly, non-intrusive, and life-saving purposes, and feature the most advanced aerial robotics and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) frames and components.

Droneworks Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Droneworks has over a year experience serving the state of South Carolina in Aerial Photography, Mapping and now Thermal Imaging. We have lots of experience using Aerial photography in real estate, car dealerships, weddings and crowd surveillance. Droneworks operators were first photographers before they took to the sky. We operate over 10 different types of drones for all different needs and functions. We are happy to now offer thermal imaging in our latest drone which is a vertical take off and landing plane with 45 minutes of flight time. It’s applications has opened new doors for us here at Droneworks from Search And Rescue to helping insulate houses. We garuntee our work and won’t finish a job until the client is 100% satisfied.

DRONIE is passionate about photography and the technology the company uses to create unique drone videos and photos. DRONIE provides services for both private and commercial use, and offers fully finished and edited products with spectacular views from above. As they are certified and approved for commercial flying in Denmark, they always keep their equipment updated and tested, and only use certified and experienced operators to ensure a safe and reliable service.

Founded in early 2004, Dualsky specializes in the R&D, production, and sales of electronic power systems for RC models, providing high-quality, cost-effective power for a variety of electric model solutions. Products include: Xmotor brushless external rotor, Xcontroller brushless inverter, Xpower high-rate lithium batteries, and various accessories.

DSLR Pros is a reseller of DJI products. They also use DJI’s products to create custom UAV packages for various industrial, as well as hobbyist, needs.

We are Aerial Cinematographers using cutting edge Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA’s / UAV’s / UAS’s) for capture of HD Video and Photography.

Our passion is in shooting Entertainment and Sports for TV, Film & Online. However the scope to shoot aerial video and photography exists through a broad range of projects, so contact us to find out more.

Traditionally aerial footage for TV, Film and Online was shot using helicopters or fixed wing aircraft. Expensive.
Limitations due to size, noise and legalities. For close ups… forget about it.

DroneHeadz combine cutting edge technologies in aviation and video capture. We get the shots that a helicopter can’t get and the ones they can, cheaper, and without any logistical nightmares.

East Coast Jib is a proud owner of the Jimmy Jib Triangle and the Hollywood heavy lifter, the new SKYJib 8 Titanium. Ranging in size from 6 ft. to 40 ft., the Jimmy Jib’s operating weight is considerably lighter than that of other full size cranes, which means less operator fatigue and much quicker jib moves for your fast paced production. With over 20 years of television production experience, East Coast Jib has extensive crew contacts nationwide and will travel to meet any production need!

We are an international team of flight enthusiasts and adventurers. We founded EHANG to remove the barriers of drone use so everyone could enjoy aerial filming. Drones are traditionally hard to pilot, easy to crash, and expensive. We developed our first product, the GHOST aerial filming drone, to address these challenges so everyone around the world can discover the joy of flight and be the pilot of their memories. We created an intuitive smartphone app with unique features such as tilt mode and auto-following, providing users with a fun flying experience and smooth camera control.

Whether you are hosting a live event or need to record a commercial or a professional production of some kind, you will find many video production companies in MN. Compared to others, Eidecom Media and Events offers premium, quality services. You will find a professional crew that has provided video services to companies and individuals for more than 10 years. They are experts in media and video production, and their primary focus is giving customers a high quality production with the attention to detail they deserve. The Eidecom team offers the creativity you need to accomplish just about any type of media and video production you could imagine, and their aerial cinematography in MN can’t be beat.

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. The company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), advanced electro-optics, electro-optic space systems, EW suites, airborne warning systems, ELINT systems, data links and military communications systems and radios. The company also focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms, developing new technologies for defense, homeland security, and commercial aviation applications, and providing a range of support services.

At Elevated Exposures, LLC, we’re using the latest technology coupled with years of experience in photo & video to deliver a cutting-edge, creative platform for aerial advertising imagery. Whether you’re a realtor looking for the most creative way to market that luxury property, an auto dealer wanting to show a massive inventory, or a family looking for a unique angle on capturing that special occasion, Elevated Exposures provides you with the highest quality videos and still images, delivered in a customized package that provides unmatched excitement and unsurpassed results.

Elevated Image NI uses the latest in drone and photography equipment to capture the beauty of Northern Ireland and beyond. The Elevated Image team is proficient in many media and graphics packages, including Adobe After Effects and Adobe PhotoShop, to bring you the very best in marketing stills and videos to promote your company. All videos or stills can be enhanced by overlapping it with text or logos provided by you.

Add value to shootings with unique perspective from drone aerial cinematography. We focus on light and versatile aircraft well suited for wide range of indoor and outdoor conditions and cinematic styles. 10+ years media experience, deliver stabilized 2k

We are a San Francisco Bay Area, full-service film production company focusing heavily on multi-rotor aerial cinematography. We have over 37 years of hands-on flight experience with RC aircraft. Providing the most stable, carefully executed shots, we give your movie or video project a better perspective.

Event38 is a small company focused on delivering ready-to-fly UASs to consumers at an affordable price. They build mission-specific unmanned aircraft and sensor packages for aerial data collection, specializing in agriculture and surveying.

Using state-of-the-art aerial equipment, Experience Above can provide your next project with a perspective unlike any other. They currently own and operate the FreeFly Cinestar 8 and various DJI Systems. All of their systems are dual operator, meaning the camera operator has complete 360 degree control over the camera gimbal. Their crafts are able to accommodate most full size DSLR cameras. Experience Above is very fast and efficient, so their team is able to travel worldwide.

The Extreme Fliers mission is to be the world’s leading R/C Toys Manufacturer and to introduce the most innovative products that are the most realistic, robust, and exciting toys you’ll ever see. Since the first products rolled off the production line in 2008, their 2nd and 3rd generation products have developed significantly with the latest technology. Their latest product, the Robocopter GST Special Edition, now uses a built-in micro computer which automatically controls the stability, blowing away any other R/C toy on the market today, and includes devices that use the most advanced electronics in robotics to give the best flying experience.

Eye Remote Solutions is all about enabling your business to efficiently use remote sensing technologies.

Remote sensing is about using the best available unmanned technologies to predictably gather information from any field operation, and to bring that information to the correct decision maker so that your organization can act accordingly.

The Eye Remote Solutions team brings together its technical knowledge with the understanding of its clients´ business value chain.

Owned and operated by a U.S. Army veteran and pilot with 15 years experience in aviation. Full shooting and editing services using DJI Phantom Vision 2 + quad.

FI² Sales and Leasing™ provides agri-business with new technologies and new observation techniques with data science. They’ve created profound changes in the way farmers scout their fields and preserve yields. They start with the gathering of aerial crop data. The end result assists farmers and their trusted advisors to make sound scientific decisions quickly.

FireFly Aerial Photography will change the way we view the world. DJI Drone users, this is the place to upgrade your performance and customizable options. Order complete ready to fly packages, customized ready to fly packages, or kits for the hands-on UAV builder. Best in the business names like Walkera and Turbo Ace Matrix, Cinewig 6 Hexicopters, and Infinity 9 pro Octocopters are available by Firefly. Hundreds of Drone options to chose from.

While FloridaUAV is an online retailer, its goal is to create a website that you can use as your primary source of information. Most importantly, FloridaUAV will show you where to find the most up to date safety information and updates on the laws regulating UAVs. You should be able to go to to learn what products are new in the UAV industry and see examples of people all over the world who are putting this technology to good use.

The fluttrbox platform delivers a complete end-to-end service for clients in commercial real-estate, construction, mining, agriculture, and government.
fluttrbox is able to provide services such as aerial mapping, photography, videography, and work-site surveying for clients across many sectors.

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267 total views, 1 today

Just think of all the aerial photography opportunities the drones offer! Land surveys, agriculture use, search and rescue, spying and tracking movements, delivery of goods, and last but not least, just fun....As time goes by, the drones will be put to use more and more for commercial and professional tasks, but the largest sector using and buying drones will always be the consumer market, drones are the ultimate fun, exciting toy!
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Buying drones wholesale is cheap & easy. 20 years ago, drone factories in China used to sell their drones at wholesale prices to exporters, who then sold to local importers, who in turn sold to drone distributors, who sold to drone retailers…This pattern has been broken by the internet. These days, you can (and should) buy your drones at wholesale prices directly from the factory in China, paying low china factory wholesale prices, with China direct shipments to your door (and saving massive amounts of money in the process!). Lucky Drones makes the process fast and easy. Chinese drone suppliers and exporters listed here are located just beside the drone factories, maybe 1-2 blocks down the street, and if you want to buy drones wholesale directly from the factory, it is these suppliers that will represent you and negotiate with the factory on your behalf, the best price, quality and fastest possible shipment date. Contact this wholesale drone supplier via the contact form on the right side of the ad, and start buying factory direct, enjoying the lowest wholesale prices for drones. Wholesale prices apply to all drones; FPV, UAV, racing drones, quadcopters, selfie drones and high end aerial photography drones. Buy drones at low China factory wholesale prices now! Keep in mind; Drones wholesalers include all drone factories, suppliers and manufacturers.

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Buying drones directly from the factories & wholesale suppliers in China has never been cheaper, easier or faster! How to buy drones wholesale? When buying drones in bulk, price depends on the quantity. Contact the supplier via the contact form to the side of each ad, and let the supplier know how many drones exactly you want to buy. Save your money. Buy factory direct.

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What Is A Gimbal?

A drone's gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of a GoPro camera on a single axis. A set of three gimbals, one mounted on the other with orthogonal pivot axes, is used to allow a GoPro camera mounted on the innermost gimbal of UAV drones & quadcopters to remain independent of the rotation of its support. On a UAV Multirotor, the GoPro camera is typically mounted on gimbals to keep the camera upright with respect to the horizon despite the drone's vibrations caused by the rotors.