Wisconsin FireFly Drone Aerial Photography Services

  • Listed: April 27, 2018 1:55 am
  • Street: W3303 State Road 28
  • City: Sheboygan Falls
  • State/Province: Wisconsin
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 53085


Real Estate/Topographical Surveying and Aerial Mapping
UAV’s will change the way real estate does business. Large land areas can be showcased on websites for easy inspection for potential clients, structures can be inspected easily, land can be mapped and surveyed, and so many more ways to visually improve the way real estate is presented and sold to the market.
Builders and Developers can have topographical surveys of land plots being explored for development on the spot and before the land has been purchased.

Architects, contractors and construction managers can use the drone’s 3-D modeling capabilities for initial measuring, planning, pre-production efforts and real-time progress. It’s highly beneficial in the early design process to quickly produce models that give valuable data. Everything you’d use an elevation model for,

There are implications for land developers. It is possible to scan 400 acres an hour from the air — what would normally be done on the ground, by foot, by surveyors and engineers. One flight can produce five maps. It will tell you what’s in the soil, give you accurate costs and tell you how much materials you’d need for projects,

Government legislation and The Working at Height Regulations 2005 state that working at height should be avoided where it is reasonably practical to do so. Firefly Aerial Photography Services is working to provides the ideal solution for this by completely eliminating the need to work at height.

Using our UAV’s we are able to complete a variety of work producing 3D mapping and modelling with the latest technology. At Firefly we are developing a range of services from our UAV’s including volumetric measurements, topographical land surveys and inspection of signs, buildings and structures. We service all of Wisconsin, but are in the closest proximity to Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Ozaukee counties.

UAV’s are available in the Sheboygan Wisconsin and surrounding areas to be used to determine crop yield, weed infestation, drought/Flood effects which traditionally require significant time travelling to the fields, and then only getting a 2D view of the location. UAV’s can be launched from a home base either on command, or automatically based on a pre programmed schedule and collect data to analysed in real time.
 UAV’s are changing the way we conduct our business.Emergency Services:
Search and rescue, Natural disaster, crime scene reconstruction and fire involvement surveillance are sometimes very dangerous situations. UAV’s can perform many of these functions faster and more economically that current tactics and do them without risking the lives of others.
Applications are being developed to assist in every part of law enforcement and public safety.
If you are a law enforcement agency or group from the Sheboygan County, Ozaukee County, Manitowoc County areas please call me for your free demonstrations on how UAV’s can be used in emergency services.

DJI Drone users, this is the place to upgrade your performance and customizable options. Order complete ready to fly packages, customized ready to fly packages or kits for the hands on UAV builder.
Best in the business names like Walkera and Turbo Ace Matrix, Cinewig 6 Hexicopters and and Infinity 9 pro Octocopters are available by Firefly. Hundreds of Drone options to chose from.
 to purchase any of the Walkera or Turbo Ave ground breaking “Kings of the Sky”equipment.
Also see the Versatile and convenient All Steady 7 Gimbals.

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