New Cheap UAV Drone For Sale – WLtoys Galaxy V353

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New Cheap UAV Drone For Sale – WLtoys Galaxy V353

WLtoys Galaxy V353 Headless Mode 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz


Brand: WLtoys
Item No: V353
Item name: Galaxy V353 RC Quadcopter
Main material: foam
Flying radius: about 80-130 meter
Product size: 30cm x 30cm x6.5cm
Graphic carton size: 46.8cm x 13.5cm x 45cm
Package size: 56cm x 49cm x 94cm
V353 quadcopter net weight: 205g
Transmit distance: about 100m
Quadcopter battery: 7.4V 850Mah (included)
Transmitter battery: 6*1.5AA (not included)

Can exchange the function spare part as you want.
Flying radius: about 80-130 meter
Durable material made
2.4GHz frequency receive
360°unlimited eversion
4 channel
6 axis Gyroscope
Headless mode
Note: this is the ordinary version which is not include a camera.

Package included:
1 x Galaxy V353 Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x battery
1 x charger
4 x propeller
1 x manual

WLtoys Galaxy V353 Headless Mode 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz

To summarize my WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone blog below: WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones are weapons.  The WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones for sale offered on this site, and every other site, are rc helicopters with cameras, not real WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones.  It seems like the word “WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone” is turning out to be one of the best marketing gimmicks of all times! RC mini helicopters, tiny rc helicopters and palm size rc helicopters are usually too small to carry cameras or video cameras. But all other kinds of remote control helicopters, regardless if they are indoor rc helicopters or outdoor remote controlled helicopters usually have the ability to carry a camera or a video camera.  Once an rc helicopter for sale has a camera attached to it, it becomes a “WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone“. Some of these “WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones” are just rc toys for sale, and some are a more sophisticated hobby model flying rc helicopter for sale with a better overall quality, but do not confuse rc helicopters for sale with real WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones for sale.  Every “WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone for sale” on this page and on the market is just an rc helicopter for sale, real WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones are not for sale on consumer websites!

Originally the only kind of WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones were military WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones. But these days WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones have become very popular, and include multiple kinds and categories of WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, like: rc WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, toy WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, hobby WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, commercial WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones and professional WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, and they vary in quality and equipment from WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones that are just toys, to real aircraft quality. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone and referred to as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. If a WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone does not have a camera or video capabilities it is not considered to be a real WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. The typical launch and recovery method of an unmanned aircraft (WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone) is by the function of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground. Historically, WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones were simple remotely piloted aircraft, but autonomous control is increasingly being employed. WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones are usually deployed for military and special operation applications, but also used in a small but growing number of civil applications, such as search and rescue, policing and firefighting, and nonmilitary security work, such as surveillance of pipelines or bridges. WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones are often preferred for missions that are too “dull, dirty or dangerous” for manned aircraft.  The toy and hobby industries went through an “earthquake” in 2005 when the first rc helicopters came on the market.  Once the action moved up into the air, it was obvious that rc helicopters were the most exciting and most fun kind of toys, and the mini rc helicopters became hot and popular toys.  From that moment onward, rc helicopters continued to EVOLVE in quality, precision and equipment.  Moving from a remote control helicopter to a WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone was a natural step.  Take a radio controlled helicopter, put a camera on it, and now it is a…WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone.  The line between rc helicopters and WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones is a thin line.  Any rc helicopter with a camera or a video is in fact a WLtoys Galaxy V353 DroneWLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones appeal to the mass market as rc toys, and will no doubt continue to be the hottest toys forever, as nothing beats a flying helicopter with a video camera.  What makes the WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones so unique is the fact they come in so many shapes and sizes, and vary in quality from rc toys all the way to aircraft quality….real airplanes!  And besides being very exciting and fun to fly toys, WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones have so many useful practices.  WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones are and will be a very hot selling product forever!

I was in the toy manufacturing business for about 25 years.  At a certain point it became obvious that the best selling category of toys is the rc toys, also known as remote control toys or radio control toys. Kids love rc cars, particularly rc stunt cars, but also rc boats, rc trucks, and of course rc airplanes.  Flying an rc airplane is a lot more exciting than playing on the ground with an rc toy, but, it is still somewhat boring, similar to flying a kite that just sits there.  When the rc helicopters came out in 2005, they came as a tsunami….The factories in China were not able to produce enough to supply the demand: mini rc helicopters, tiny rc helicopters, palm size rc helicopters, indoor rc helicopters and outdoor rc helicopters….it just went on and on. It was crystal clear that remote control helicopters and radio controlled helicopters are the next big thing…for a very long time.  But who could imagine that the craze of flying rc toys, would turn into the “WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone craze”?  All the toy factories in China need to do is attach a camera or a video camera to an rc helicopter, and this helicopter now becomes a WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drone.  The number of uses for WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones is unimaginable and unlimited. First, just like the rc helicopters, the WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones come in multiple sizes and shapes.  Large WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, mini WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, outdoor WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, indoor WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, expensive WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, cheap WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones, it just goes on and on.  Now I tell my dog to fetch the newspaper, it is just a question of time before indoor tiny WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones will be able to fetch and move things from one place to another inside a house.  Just think of all the aerial photography opportunities the WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones offer! Land surveys, agriculture use, search and rescue, spying and tracking movements, delivery of goods, and last but not least, just fun….As time goes by, the WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones will be put to use more and more for commercial and professional use, but the largest sector using WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones will always be the consumer market, WLtoys Galaxy V353 Drones are the ultimate toys!

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