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  • Title In Chinese Characters: 无人机四轴飞行器公文包灭弧可达120m2.4GHZ WIFI GPS L112W
  • Brand: Jammers4u
  • Item No.: CT-2460B UAV-New
  • Condition: New
  • Company Name: jammers4u.com
  • Contact Person: Mr.Boban
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Main Activity: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Main Advantage: High quality, Fast shipment, New, Hot
  • The special features of this drone make it most suitable for: Commercial use, Civil use, Police use
  • MOQ in units or cartons: Units
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1


CT-2460B UAV-New Drone Quad-copter 2.4Ghz WIFI GPS L1 12W Briefcase Jammer up to 120m

Most of famous UAV Quadcopters and Drones Brands use only  2.4Ghz and GPS L1 frequency and this briefcase model is specialized to totally block only this two Bands

Do not blocking GSM Cell phones

1  Bluetooth WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz 2W
2  Bluetooth WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz 2W
3  Bluetooth WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz 2W
4  Bluetooth WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz 2W
5  GPS L1 1575Mhz 2W
6  GPS L1 1575Mhz 2W

Antenna: 6 Omni antenna
Effective range: 30 ~ 120 meter (radius)
The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and location.
Good cooling system with unique case as big heat sink and 3 fans inside, low noise
All Frequency can mix very Flexible, Each module/Band is independent
Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel from Max to 0 (OFF)
Continue Using Time: 2-3 Hours, Can support use while battery charging
Antenna 210mm long. Remote Control (Work when the case is closed)
12V/20AH, 6A Battery Charger
Power supply: AC100-240V
Dimension: 430*350*120 mm
Weight 12Kg

1 Year warranty, Taiwan quality made in Hong Kong
Anti-Drone UAV Jammers

UAV Quadcopters and drones are becoming a nuisance and can compromise your privacy as they are becoming cheaper every day and more available. We carry a specialized range of jammers designed to distrupt remote control (RC) of a drone/quadcopter or its gps signal and most of them will automatically slowly ground itself. Drones can be more than just an annoyance. Because they can reach high into the air, on the ground, and in the water, drones literally add a new dimension to eavesdropping and spying on facilities, individuals and infrastructures in a wide variety of environments and industries. They have the power to shrink the realm of public safety, privacy and physical security. Few other technologies have this much power. Are drones spying on you? Stealing your top secrets? Watching your movements? Exposing your contacts? Drone laws remain ambiguous worldwide and it will take governments years to set limits on the ways in which drones can be used. Drones can even be used as a explosives carrier or as a terrorist propaganda on a mayor aired sports and cultural events.

Most of high end commercial 3-5km UAV Drones/Quad-copters use only 2.4Ghz WIFI and GPS L1. All others 5.8Ghz or low freq can control 500-1000m max.

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE


E-mail: sales@jammers4u.com

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