Cheerson CX-20 CX20 – Cheerson Drone Factory

  • Listed: November 20, 2018 8:10 am
  • Brand: Cheerson CX-20
  • City: Guangzhou
  • State/Province: Guangdong
  • Country: China
  • FPV: Yes
  • RTF (Ready To Fly), ARF (Almost Ready To Fly), BNF (Bind N Fly), DIY (Do It Yourself Kit): RTF (Ready To Fly)
  • One Button Return: Yes
  • Camera: Yes
  • Headless Mode: Yes
  • Real Time Video Camera Feed: Yes
  • Size: Medium
  • Follow me function: Yes
  • Roll Over, Upside Down, Eversion Flying, Stunt Action: Yes


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Cheerson CX-20 CX20

Thousands of new quadcopters for sale have hit the market in recent months.

The Cheerson CX20, because of it’s shape, design and robust, steady flying, has proven to be one of the best selling drones of all times!

It has become a CLASSIC!

Every year there is one multirotor that stands out as the hottest, best sellling multicopter.  This year, it is the Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter, which is boiling hot. The Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter drone is out selling and out performing all other quadcopters, because of it’s steady flying, attractive design and low price, compared to DJI Phantom Quadcopter.  The Cheerson CX-20 is currently on special.

Cheerson CX-20: Newest, Hottest, Best Selling Quadcoper! What are you waiting for?

Cheerson CX-20 CX20 Auto-Pathfinder FPV RC Quadcopter With GPS RTF

CX-20 GPS RC Qaudcopter VS DJI phantom quadcopter
Product Size (cm): 30*30*20
Color Box Size (cm):56.5*36.5*13.5
Outer Carton Box (cm): 60*40.5*64
Quantity/CTN (pcs): 4pcs
G.W./N.W. 7.1KG /5.6 KG/
Fly time: about 15mins
Charging time: about 2hours.
Control distance: about 300meters indoor/outdoor
Battery: 11.1v2700mah

4CH with GPS hold system: auto-return, up and down, forward and backward, side-flying, left and right turning, hover.

Control distance: about 300m
Flying altitude: about 300m
Charge mode: Switching Power Supply
Charging time: about 2 hours
Flying time: about 15 minutes
Functions: GPS hold system, auto-return, up and down, forward and backward, side-flying, left and right turning, hover.

Attractive and highly integrated design
A compact and highly integrated design means that it is easier for you to pack it into your backpack. The streamlined design brilliantly reflects the aesthetics of its industrial design and the fantastic visual effects allows you to become the focus of the crowd. Moreover, you can mount a GoPro or other light and handy cameras on your Auto-Pathfinderto shoot some footage from the air which will bring you a brand new travel experience.

Cheerson CX-20

6-Axis System
USER MANUALThe transmitter functions and general settings (Mode 2)1 The transmitter introduction
SWB Mode switch
Auxiliary channel 1
2.4G Antenna
Auxiliary channel 2
SWA Mode switch
Manual Mode Indicator Light
One key To Return Home Mode
Power ON/OFF
Stable Mode Indicator Light
Buzzer speaker
Power indicator light
Left side/Right side flying stickLow voltage indicator light
Throttle, Turning Left/Right Stick
2 Transmitter Mode setting. (the CX-20 the example)
NOTE: No matter indoor or outdoor , to set
the transmitter in Manual Mode before flying.
Mode type SWA Setting SWB Setting
Manual Mode
Stable Mode
Flight Direction
Locked Mode
Altitude Sensor Mode
One Key To Return
Home ModeCheerson CX-20 CX20
6 – Axis System
USER MANUALBasic operation
1. Binding
(1)To insert the battery into the quadcopter battery container and connect them.
The Red indicator light and the Green indicator light will blink rapidly alternately,
please do not move and shake the quadcopter at this moment; to close the
battery cover when the Red indicator light and the Green indicator light blink
slowly alternately.
(2)To turn on the transmitter, the binding with the quadcopter will succeed after the
switching-on sound of the transmitter stops.
(NOTE: 1.To put the throttle stick to the lowest position before the binding.
2.SWA,SWB switches need to be in the “0” position.)
2. To receive the GPS signals
(1)For the first time outdoor, it takes longer to get the GPS signals, please wait
about 2 minutes until the LED light becomes steady.
(2)Please do not use the GPS Modes (Stable Mode and Return Home Mode)
indoor in order to avoid accidents.
3. Motor Unlock & Motor Lock
(1)Motor Unlock: Once binding, to put down the throttle stick to the bottom right
position. When the Red light become steady, the motors are unlocked.
(2)Motor Lock: Once binding, to put down the throttle stick to the bottom left
position. When the Red light blinks, the motors are locked.
If the quadcopter flies unsteadily, it needs to be recalibrated, the calibration
methods are as follows:
(1)To move the throttle stick to bottom left, the Red light and Green light blinks
alternately, then it is locked.
(2)To move the throttle stick to bottom right until the rear red and yellow lights
blink alternately, then to take off the quadcopter and make it hover in the air for
more than 20 seconds, and to land and lock it again. The quadcopter can fly
steadily after it is re-unlocked.
Motor Unlock(left hand) Motor Lock(left hand) Motor Unlock(right hand) Motor Lock(right hand) 0(6)Return Home when the quadcopter is out of control: When the quadcopter
is out of control, it’ll turn into the Return Home Mode and return back and
land in the position when it is unlocked automatically.
(7)The cancellation of the Return Home Mode: In Return Home Mode and
after the quadcopter returns to the areas in which it can be seen, if you
want to stop the Return Home Mode, you need to do the following steps:
A:If the SWA is on the “0” position in the Return Home Mode, to set SWA
on “1” position first and then to turn it back on “0” position, then the
Return Home Mode is canceled.
B:If the SWA is on the “1” or “2” position in the Return Home Mode,to set
SWA on “0” position first , then to turn it back on “1” position and then to
turn it on “0” position again, then the Return Home Mode is canceled.
NOTE:1. It is suggested to use only Manual Mode, Stable Mode and One Key to Return Home Mode for the beginners,
it means to use the SWA switch only;
2. It is required to take off in the Manual Mode.
5 Low Voltage Protection for the quadcopter
(1)Low voltage protection is a protection system designed to avoid the quadcopter to
crash in low battery voltage. When the battery voltage is between 10.2V to 10.4V,
the quadcopter will activate the low voltage alarm and give out the “beep, beep…”
sound, and the front and rear indicator LED lights will blink at the same time.
(2)There is 1-2 minutes to fly safely after turning into low voltage protection, therefore
the pilots need to adjust the flying distance and to prepare to return safely.
6 Low Voltage Protection for the transmitter
(1)Low voltage protection is a protection system designed to avoid the signal
interruption for the transmitter in low battery voltage.
(2)When the battery voltage is low, the transmitter will give out the “beep, beep…”
sound, and the power indicator light will blink slowly at the same time.
(3)Please change the battery in low voltage protection.Cheerson CX-20 CX20 Frequently asked questions and solutionsFly in circle in Stable Mode
1. Poor GPS signal. To change to some other open places.
2.2.To fly 3-5 minutes in Manual Mode, and it’ll get the GPS signals automatically
1.SWA switch is not set on the “0” position 2.Low battery voltage, please change the battery.
To make sure the propellers are installed correctly, to reinstall the propellers if they are installed reversely.
Poor GPS signal. To change to some other open places.
The quadcopter need to be recalibrated.
Motors does not work
The quadcopter does not rise
Does not return home accurately
The quadcopter can not hover
5 Mode Switched
(1)Manual Mode: To set SWA on the “0” position, after the motors are unlocked, to push the throttle stick, then it can go forward/backward, go up/down, do left-side flying/right-side flying, turn left /right, etc.
(2)Stable Mode: To take off the quadcopter and keep it in a certain height in Manual Mode, then to set SWA on the “1” position, SWB on the “0” position, the quadcopter will start to hover, then to push the throttle stick in the middle position, the quadcopter will keep in the current altitude and position.NOTE:1.In stable Mode, the GPS signal indicator light should be steady, it means that the signal is good.2.Stable is relative stable, it can move in a certain range depending on the speed of the wind and
the weather, therefore you need enough safety space to fly it.
3.In Stable Mode, the throttle stick needs to be in the middle position, it gives out
“beep, beep, beep…”sound when the throttle stick is in the middle position in order for you to
better control it.
(3)One Key to Return Home Mode: When you need the quadcopter to return back, to set the SWB on the “0” position, the SWA on “2” position. Then the quadcopter will return back from the returning point to the starting point straightly. If the returning point is higher than 15 meters, the quadcopter will return back in the current altitude. If the returning point is lower than 15 meters, the quadcopter will rise to the 15 meter height and then to return back.

NOTE:1.In Return Home Mode, to make sure the GPS signal indicator light remain steady, it means that the signal is good.
2.It’s suggested to switch to the Stable Mode first or until the quadcopter becomes stable to
return back.
3.To turn the quadcopter to face the taking-off point before returning home, and to turn the
quadcopter to the positon while taking-off after it returns back.
4.After returning back, the quadcopter will lock automatically; if you need to restart the motor,
please set the SWA to “0” position first and then to unlock the motors.
(4)Flight Direction Lock Mode: While flying, to set SWA on the “1” position and SWB on the “1” position first. The forward direction will be as per what the head of the quadcopter goes toward when it is unlocked rather than as per what the head of the quadcopter is facing now, and the same analogy applies to other directions.

NOTE:1. This mode is not appropriate for the beginners, it needs more skills and experiences to do so.
2.In this mode, the quadcopter can return safely in long distance or in poor light.
(5)Altitude Sensor Mode: After taking off in the Manual Mode, to set SWB on the “1” position and SWA on the “2” position, then to push the throttle stick to the altitude you want and to set the throttle stick to the middle position, the quadcopter will remain the current altitude constantly, and in the Altitude Sensor Mode, the quadcopter will fly in constant altitude.

NOTE:1. In Altitude Sensor Mode, the throttle stick needs to be in the middle position, it gives out
“beep, beep, beep…”sound when the throttle stick is in the middle position in order for you to
better control it.
2:Constant altitude is relative constant, it can move in a certain range depending on the speed of
the wind and the weather, therefore you need enough safety space to fly it.
2 The instructions for the indicator lights and the status
The indicator light for the main control
board calibration, motor unlock/lock
instructional light (YELLOW light/RED light)
GPS signal instructional light (GREEN light)
The rear downward LED (GREEN)
The front downward LED (RED)
(1)The front indicator light: a. The red light keeps steady when the motor
starts. b. The red light blinks in low voltage and there is a alarm sound
if the frequency is below 1Hz.
(2)The rear indicator light: a. the green light keeps steady when the motor
starts. b. The green light blinks and there is a alarm sound if the
frequency is below 1Hz.
(3)The indicator light of the main control board calibration, motor
lock/unlock indicator light. The yellow indicator light and red indicator
light blink alternately when the main control board calibrates. The red
light blinks slowly when the motor is locked, and the red indicator light
keeps steady when motor is unlocked.
(4)GPS signal indicator LED light: The green indicator light blinks when
less than 6 satellites from the GPS system are received; the green
indicator light keeps steady when more than 6 satellites from the GPS
system are received. NOTE: The satellites received from the GPS
system must be more than 6 satellites in Stable Mode and
Return Home Modes. (The green indicator light keeps steady)
2 The descriptions of the LED indicator light status
1 LED instruction
2 Safety matters needing attention
Aircraft flight is a high risk hobby, whose flight should be kept far away from other people. Mis-assembled or broken main frame, defective electronic equipment, and/or problematic radio system will lead to unforeseen accidents such as bodily inlury or property damage.
The pilot MUST pay attention to the fight safety and UNDERSTAND his responsibility for accidents caused by his carelessness.
(4) Avoid flying alone
At the beginning of learning about radio-controlled flight there are some difficulties to overcome. Please avoid flying alone.
Invite experienced pilots to guide you (two of the most effective methods to practice
are via a PC flight simulator and/or under the supervision of a skilled pilot).
(5) Safe operation
Please fly your Aircraft according to your physical status and flight skiIIs. Fatigue, listlessness and mis-operation wiII increase the possibilities of accidental hazard.
(6) Away form highly spinning parts. Please keep pilot, people and object away
from the spinning blades of both man rotor and taiI rotor.
(7) Protect form heat
An Aircraft is made from metal, fiber, plastic and electronic components,efe. Please keep away from heat and sunshine in order to avoid distortion, even damage, caused by high temperatures.
3 Attention before flight
(1) Ensure the battery packs of both transmitter and receiver are fully charged(saturated).
(2) Ensure both the throttle stick and the throttle trim of your transmitter stay at the lowest positions before operation.
(3) Please strictly obey the order of turn-on and rurn-off before operation. When starting your flight.please turn on your transmitter first, and connect the power cable of your Aircraft last. When finishing your flight, please disconnect the power cable of your Aircraft first, and turn off your transmitter Iast.
(4) An upset in the order of connection may cause your Aircraft to loose control. Please cultivate a correct habit of turn-on and rurn-off.
1 Important Statement
(1) The Cheerson CX-20 CX20 is a UAV not a toy. It is a piece of complicated equipment which harmoniously integrates engineering materials, mechanics, electronics, aerodynamic and high frequency radio. Correct installation and adjustment are necessary to avoid accidents taking place. The owner must always operate in a safe manner. Improper operation may resuIt in serious property damage, bodily injury or even death.
(2) We accept no liability for damage and consequent damage arising from the use of these products, as we have no control over the way they are maintained, used and operated.
(3) This product is suitable for experienced Aircraft pilots aged l4 years or more .All minors must be accompanied by a respensible adult when flying.
(4) The flight field should be legally approved by the local government . We accept no liability for any safety duties or fines arising form operation, usage or mis-control after the sale of the products.
(5) We oonsign our distributors to offer technical support and service after sale. Please contact the local distributors for problem resolutio caused by usage,operation,maintenance ,etc.

Deat customer:
Thank you for purchasing a Cheerson CX-20 CX20 radio control aircraft product. In order to quickly and safely master the operation of the “CX-20”, please read the user handbook carefully and then keep it in a safe place for future consultation and refernce.
(1) Far away from obstacles and people
An Aircraft in flight has risk of uncertain flight speed and direction which is potentially
dangerous. When flying, please keep your Aircraft far away from people, high buiIdings,
high-tension lines, etc, and avoid operating in rain,storms, thunder and lightening.
(2) Keep away from humidity
Aircraft should be kept away from humidity and vapor because its complex,precise electronic components and mechanical parts may be damaged.
(3) Proper operation and maintenance
Please use Cheerson CX-20 CX20  original spare parts to upgrade, modify or maintain your Aircraft in order to ensure its safety.Please operate your Cheerson UAV within the range of functions
permitted. It is forbidden to use it outside of the safety laws or regulations.

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