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Flyboy offers a full range of photographic and videographic services. They can shoot photos or video for your real estate listing, wedding, other special event, construction project, charity event, etc. They can also fully edit the photos and video and deliver the product in time to meet your deadline. Contact Flyboy to discuss the wide range of services they can offer you or your company. Flyboy Aerial Photography/Videography offers photographic packages for Realtors and property owners starting at $150. Video packages are quoted on a case by case basis depending on the desired product length and amount of editing required. The team will work with the Realtor or homeowner to make sure it captures the property and any related amenities in order to build a complete package that will help to increase the value of your listing.

Flying Cross Aerial Productions is a Texas-based aerial cinematography company offering both full size helicopter and small unmanned (drone) camera platforms, so they’ve got you covered no matter what your need. Their drone credits include motion picture, television commercial, reality TV, corporate, and industrial projects. Operating under challenging conditions and deadlines, they’ve always delivered. And with over thirty years of production experience, they know what it takes to be successful. Flying Cross founder Scott Hess has been involved in photography and aviation since 1978. As an aerial camera operator, he’s spent countless hours in helicopter platforms delivering live and taped footage for broadcast and corporate projects using a variety of camera systems such as Tyler, FLIR, and Cineflex. Scott is also intimately familiar with live broadcast operations, having managed large multi-camera productions with satellite and fiber connectivity. He was a news cameraman at CBS Boston for 16 years, then owner of a production/uplink company for 12 years, serving all the major US and foreign television news networks. He is also a Commercial Pilot/Instructor, and Aircraft Mechanic/IA. Flying Cross travels worldwide and is fully insured for all its UAV activity.

Flying Tech is a multirotor specialist based in the UK. Not only do they stock the best products at a great price, they also offer 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, and CNC machining services so that you can build the ultimate drone! They even build professional spec drones for a whole host of commercial applications.

FlyMotion Media uses advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to capture photography and videography of television and film footage, special events, real estate and inspections, sports games, wild life, special events, and much more. The corporate office is located in Tampa, Florida, but the staff and drones are fully insured to operate worldwide.

Flyonix specialises in the design, manufacture, and operation of Remote Camera Platforms for the film and television production industries, with products ranging from Multi-Rotor UAVs to hand-held Steady Cams and Flying Wire rigs. Consisting of designers, engineers, and CAA approved pilots, Flyonix supplies progressive products and services for a vast array of remote-filming situations, and brings new possibilities to well established production scenarios. Current products can incorporate cameras from the humble GoPro to full 5k cinema setups. With innovation and creativity at the heart of the company, Flyonix is also known for undertaking a variety of more unusual projects. Whether it be flying washing machines and lawnmowers, or a full sized flying Tardis, from its workshop in Devon, the team thrives on the challenge of making the bizarre and impossible a reality.

Flytem is a company that specializes in aerial videography and photography capture. Located in Lyon, their drones operate primarily in the Rhone-Alpes region and neighboring regions (Burgundy, Auvergne, Franche-Comté, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur). Flytem’s mission is to simplify and enable the reliable control and use of aerial photos and videos for companies or individuals. Their choice of drone allows them to offer a quality service at competitive rates.

Small aerial cinematography and photography focusing on real estate, landscape, survey/inspection and athletics. We provide both video and photos loaded onto smugmug.com with private galleries and distributed via USB drive for client approval. Our priority revolves around safety and professionalism while providing a quality product for our customers.

FreeFlight Robotics provides UAV/UAS services to engineering firms, environmental mitigation organizations, and government agencies that are looking to resolve their environmental or engineering problems fast. Their UAVs provide their clients with cost effective means to achieve an aerial perspective of problematic areas that have previously only been accessible to expensive full sized helicopters or chartered aircraft.

Freefly is focused on the future. Over a decade of experience in the professional cinematography industry has given Freefly a unique ability to develop and bring innovative products to market that serve the needs of cinema and aerial professionals. Freefly is passionate about pushing the envelope technologically in order to provide its customers with the tools to capture amazing footage.

Freefly Systems is a rapidly growing tech and cinema company representing the intersection of art and technology. Its team consists of industry-leading specialists all focused on one task: inventing solutions to allow unrestricted camera movement. Freefly Systems initially developed the CineStar line of multi-rotor camera platforms, which allowed smooth, stable, and dynamic low-altitude aerials. After years of research and development in camera stability, Freefly Systems created the MōVI stabilized camera gimbal. The goal with the MōVI is to empower a new era of stabilized cinematography on a variety of platforms, from handheld to helicopter, and everything in between.

Front Door Photos provides professional photo and video services to realtors and business owners in West Michigan, including virtual tours, aerial photo and video, interactive floor plans, and 360-degree panoramas.

Behind the scenes at Game of Drones top-secret drone design and testing, the Game of Drones team runs its “world’s toughest drone” through a gauntlet of fire, water, high-speed impacts, falls, and even gunfire. They don’t stop until their drone can take all that punishment and more. Game of Drones currently offers two products: the unassembled airframe kit and the ready-to-fly drone.

Garuda Robotics is building a complete, enterprise-grade solution for anyone who can make use of aerial robots to get things done faster and cheaper. Their solution consists of both hardware and software that dramatically simplifies drone fleet operation and is tailor-made for the specific needs of the clients.

Drones can perform tasks in a cost-efficient manner for a wide range of industries. However, currently, companies are not willing to use drone systems off the shelf. They need custom, complex hardware and software, and each system works differently. Garuda Robotics solves this problem by studying the business needs of companies, then designing and building custom drone operation platforms based on those needs.

Their software suite includes Garuda Cloud & AppBuilder. Garuda Cloud is a web-based platform for managing drone fleets. It can be accessed via any internet-enabled device and serves as a tool for quickly deploying custom drone missions. Garuda Appbuilder is a web-based, drag-and-drop tool that allows anyone to create complex drone functions within minutes without having to write a single line of code. The Garuda platform also includes custom drone fleets that can be safely activated and deployed from a remote location and can provide sensory and telemetry data to the user via the Garuda Cloud.

GlobalCamZ is a full service video production company specializing in professional aerial video filming and editing (Full HD, Ultra HD, and 4-5K Resolution). They provide aerial and underwater filming services to the movie, advertising, reality, real estate, resort, documentary, geological, emergency, investigatory, state and government, and environmental sectors. They can also offer in-house studio filming and green screen filming.

GoDrone Media Productions specializes in aerial cinematography and photography. Whether it is a commercial shoot, promotional or marketing video, or aerial photography we can provide you with the collateral you require.
Solutions we provide:
-Real Estate Marketing Videos
-Land & Agricultural Surveys
-Wedding Aerial Videos
-Resorts & Golf Courses Marketing Videos
-Custom Projects

Gunn Photography Services specializes in affordable aerial photography, agricultural mapping, virtual tours, and HD aerial video. They service many industries, including commercial and residential real estate, construction, roofing contractors, movie and commercial production, and anyone in need of high-quality aerial drone photos, video, and media in Cleveland, Ohio. By using remote-operated drone sUAS helicopters (quadcopters / hexacopters / octocopters), they can carry large digital SLR and HD video cameras. Their equipment sets up quickly and their electric-powered drone aircraft are quiet and won’t disturb residents.

Hampshire Aerial Photos provides high quality and affordable alternatives for obtaining aerial photography or site inspections and surveys. They provide aerial photography and survey services for home owners, site surveyors, estate agents, TV and Film, advertisers, and events (such as weddings, concerts, or festivals). Their property surveys and inspections are a much safer and cheaper alternative when it comes to viewing typically inaccessible or dangerous/hazardous areas (such as tall buildings, wind turbines, and roofing).

Harris Aerial is an aerial digital photography and video firm located in Orlando, FL. They use safe UAVs with an HD camera attached on a stabilizing mechanism to take unrivaled photos/videos. They envision an innovative and exciting approach to more effective marketing and affordable advertising. Harris Aerial specializes in ready-to-fly aerial photography/video packages. They build and sell heavy-lift UAVs capable of carrying DSLR cameras for professional photographers around the world. Powered by their PowerPack Lithium Polymer batteries, their ready-to-fly UAVs get flight times from up to 35-40 minutes. Additionally, they offer support and consultation for this cutting-edge technology.

HeliCam Aerial Media Services specializes in capturing stunning aerial video from unique and creative perspectives. They are based in Greensboro, NC. They are set up to travel via airline if needed, and they cover the entire United States and abroad. Their aerial video business has sent them to places like Los Angeles, CA, Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Orlando, FL, Omaha, NE, Dallas, TX, New Orleans, LA, Jackson, MS, Vancouver and Montreal Canada, and to New York City, NY, just to name a few. HeliCam Aerial Media Services employs custom built, remote control helicopters and airplanes to capture unique perspectives from angles and altitudes that are unattainable from full scale aircraft, Jib Cranes, or Dollies.

Heli-Max designs cutting-edge helicopter models that make the hobby fun for newcomers and experts alike. Check out the many choices available. Whether you’re looking for one that’s easy to fly, aerobatic, scale, or suited for indoor or outdoor flight, you’ll find it here.

HeliVideo Productions provides FAA-approved cinematography for television and film. Being one of the pioneers of this new age of cinematography, their experience has set the standard of professionalism only a few can match. Using the latest technology, they are able to fly RED Dragon 6k, Canon 5D III, and other cameras in perfect 3 axis stabilization.

The Higher Copters Aerial Imaging crew has been flying drones for over seven years and has hundreds of hours of flight experience. Higher Copters Aerial Imaging drones are custom designed for each specific job, and the team always adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry. They understand that a raw video or image doesn’t tell the whole story, and that’s why they offer full editing and image processing services from award winning graphic artists and video producers.

Passion, value, and service drive Hobby King to bring you the very latest at the best price possible. They’re always developing and sourcing new model products and then bringing them to you at the lowest price possible while maintaining quality, performance, and service. Hobby King’s professional team includes engineers from various disciplines as well as designers, R/C aficionados, full time sourcing agents, product testers, and a lonely marketing manager. Their focus is and always has been on the products, not the hype.

More than just a flying camera, Hollywood Helicam LLC is a combination of many fields
that come together to provide the ultimate in aerial cinematography. Team backgrounds include cinematography, creative editing, engineering, professional piloting, and business finance.

Their on location experience saves time. They are there and ready to perform at a moment’s notice. By having multiple setups they eliminate technical problems. Give them one minute to action and they are airborne and ready to get the shot.

As an experienced team that has been on location hundreds of times, they know what to expect, and know the director’s needs. They know how to get the shot, and then get the shots that you didn’t know you could get. Flying sideways slider style, interior to exterior shots, flying reveals, car chases, even herding sheep. Their live video downlink allows the director to see and monitor everything they capture from above. Imagine a crane with no limits that can be set up in seconds, from a cliff, car, or boat. They
are always expanding their limits.

More than just a helicopter. Evolution. Consisting of years of research and development, a combination of trial and error with mountains of cost. The Hollywood Helicam system is a hybrid of the best battle-tested equipment available. There is only one of its kind, and it shows in the work. They are among
the leaders in the world for low-level aerial cinematography.

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC is a leader in “Made in America” remotely piloted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones. They strive to ensure that Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) platforms include the most sophisticated features, and are manufactured to be the most durable and easiest to use systems on the market. Additionally, Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC strives for innovative power cell technology with improved power, performance, longevity, and superior weight standards for UAV drones.

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC’s knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the best remotely piloted Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for law enforcement agencies, military operations, and first responders in the market place. Their UAS helicopter drones are revolutionary products designed for high and low altitude surveillance, photography, and sensor management. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV drones have state-of-the-art autopilot navigation systems and software that allows for simple flight and easy to use operation.

Hoovy is a revolutionary advertising platform that uses UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to raise brand awareness. UAVs are on the frontier of the technological advancements and a topic of fascination by the public. The Hoovy platform uses the latest technological advances to allow clients to advertise more efficiently, at a lower cost, and deliver more targeted messages than any alternative in the market.

Horizon Aerial Photography specializes in remotely piloted aerial systems for aerial photography, cinematography, and data acquisition. It focuses mainly on offering aerial services utilizing its own fleet of systems, built in-house. It also provides custom-built systems, training, and consultation to exclusive clients.

Ian’s Creations has been fulfilling creative needs for over 15 years.
We utilize professional equipment and strive to provide every client
with memorable and artistic realities.
Ian’s Creations specializes in:
•Wedding and Event Videography/Photography
•Corporate and Broadcast Videography/Photography
•Sports and Dance Videography/Photography
•Marketing and Promotional Videography/Photography
•Live-Stream Internet Broadcast Videography
•Portrait, Family, and Real Estate Videography/Photography
Artwork: Marketing materials, Logos, Mural paintings, Caricatures

Established in 2004 by GIS and electro-optic technology veterans as an aerial mapping service provider, Icaros has continually evolved and expanded its solutions by developing and pioneering the use of new aerial sensors and photogrammetric processing techniques.

Icaros is a comprehensive aerial geospatial solutions provider, offering state-of-the-art remote sensing technology products, photogrammetry software products, image data acquisition and processing services, analytic services, and training to clients worldwide. Icaros’ mission is to help companies, organizations, and government agencies to make better decisions using current and accurate aerial geospatial information delivered in a flexible and actionable format.

DYH represents the confluence of real estate marketing with Hollywood film production.

Real estate broker Ian Sebastian of Running Realty and Douglas M. Boyle, freelance producer/director, have merged their unique perspectives to create high-value aerial video production at competitive rates.

Based in the Los Angeles area, IDYH is proud to present their vision of the future of real estate, both commercial and residential, with an enhanced view never before showcased on world markets.

Images Aloft serves the High Country of North Carolina. We are an emerging technology business offering high-quality, high-definition aerial video and photography services. With leading-edge radio controlled aerial camera equipment, we capture images at low altitude – unobtrusive and quiet – without the need for expensive planes or helicopters. Our specialty areas include:

Travel and Tourism
Outdoor Events
Real Estate
Private clubs / Golf Courses
Marketing and Advertising

The sky is literally the limit for a unique 3-D perspective.

Drone photography, drone video, and interactive aerial media are just a few ways Infinite Impact strives to meet your creative needs. The big thing that sets them apart from other drone companies is that… well… they’re not just a drone company. Their origins actually lie in video production, photography, and the fine arts. In early 2013, Infinite Impact recognized the incredible doors that could be opened and visual pioneering that could be accomplished through the power of drones. So now, they offer a powerful hybrid of traditional artistic talent and cutting-edge technology that helps them offer vantage points never before seen.

ING Robotic Aviation is Canada’s leader in delivering airborne sensing solutions and much more. They developed their skills through extensive operational surveillance work with the Canadian military, and their flights added up would circle the globe 81 times. From these beginnings, they are now providing mapping, inspection, and monitoring services in key sectors such as oil & gas, mining, utilities, forestry, and precision agriculture. ING Robotic Aviation is at the forefront of a disruptive technological and operational change, focused on reinventing aviation.

For almost 4 years, InSight air photo has been proudly providing inexpensive, but professional quality, aerial photography and videography for a broad range of applications: Real Estate sales, renovations & inspection, construction progress or surveying, 2D & 3D mapping and photogrammetry, business marketing, fish spotting and motorsports. InSight’s pilot & photographer Jason Ficklin has been providing remote aerial photography for almost 10 years- back when a remote control helicopter looked like a helicopter 😉 Selecting from one of our 4 aerial camera platforms (a heavy lift quad – med size hex copter – conventional heli – blimp) , we will fly the most appropriate craft to execute the shoot, ensuring the perfect shot and keeping your costs at a minimum. “SEE IT FROM UP HERE!”

Since its inception in 1994, Insitu has met and exceeded customer expectations by delivering and supporting best-in-class unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) ISR solutions faster and more efficiently than any other player in the industry. Insitu is a pioneer leader in the design, development, production, and operation of high-performance, cost-effective unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Its focus is to deliver its global customer base with the highest-quality ISR information, as quickly as possible. Insitu’s family of long-endurance, runway-independent UAS have logged hundreds of thousands of combat flight hours since 2004, and have successfully operated in some of the most extreme environments in the world.

Agility, precision, and endurance are the core of Insitu. The Insitu people and equipment are in-theater now, adapting to whatever mission comes their way. Their aircraft are modular, allowing upgrades as technology advances, and are launched with 99 percent mission-readiness. They have the highest standards for the ISR solutions they deliver to their customers. Their systems are crisper, clearer, and brighter than any other — and always point at the exact spots their customers need. They are on station for as long as it takes to get the job done — from design to delivery, to being in the field and in the air.

Kino Flight specializes in aerial photography and aerial filming to produce spectacular video footage and still images for any industry. With exceptional quality, the latest equipment and a CASA licensed pilot, our experience and gear deliver you a captivating range of diverse views and angles. Chief Pilot, Ashley Fairfield, has the creativity and experience to deliver paramount quality of aerial images and aerial video.

Kopterman provides ultra high-end, close-range aerial imaging for cinema, commercials, TV series, music videos, and industrial aerial imaging.
One image tells a story. Exquisite images tell an impressive story. Kopterman focuses on aesthetical aerial footage from a unique perspective.
Their passion for technology makes them eager to fly high and capture exceptional images for you. They use remote-controlled multicopters to fly with almost any professional camera.
By flying carbon neutral, they operate in an eco-friendly way. Take advantage of innovative, cost-efficient, unmanned aerial solutions.

Lehmann Aviation was founded in 2001 by a team of pilots and engineers.

During the 2000s, the company expanded its focus from contract-based research and development to include the development of production products. During the past ten years, Lehmann Aviation developed a portfolio of highly efficient, innovative products with commercial and government applications, including the LP960 and LV580.

In 2007, after a period of rigorous research, market validation, and business planning, Lehmann Aviation launched its small UAS product lines. Lead customers included organizations in France, UK, Africa, and the Middle East.

Today, LA’s UAS product lines are leaders in their respective markets. Each offers a full spectrum of products, accessories, services, and systems integration, and each is directed by focused teams who are responsible for engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, business development, and global expansion. Each product enables its customers to bypass previously accepted limitations to improve their operating effectiveness. LA customers use LA’s small UAS to provide themselves with real-time situational awareness, high quality vertical still images for scientific or high tech applications, and full HD images, mainly for internet video clips or documentaries.

Lumenier was announced in June of 2013. The company consolidates all of the high-end FPV products produced by FPV Manuals LLC, including the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G FPV airframes. FPV Manuals was created as a blog to consolidate FPV information and manuals. Out of a passion for FPV, the first FPV Manuals products were designed and brought to market. With the creation of Lumenier, these products will be consolidated under the Lumenier brand, and many more innovative FPV products will be released in the coming months, from motors to cameras, lipos, accessories, airframes, and a lot more.

Over the next few months, the current FPV Manuals product catalog will be re-branded with the Lumenier brand and new Lumenier products will be introduced. This gives the company a great new platform to continue its innovation in the field of FPV, and to continue to work closely with its sister companies, fpvmanuals.com and its distributor GetFPV.com.

Mark Terry Photo Video offers a wide range of photography and videography services. This includes photos and/or video for real estate, wedding, special events, construction projects, charity events, and more. Rapid turnaround time and full editing of photos and video delivered online. Aerial photography packages start at $150 for Realtors and property owners. Ground-based photography and videography can also be integrated into the finished product.

Measure, a 32 Advisors Company, is uniquely positioned in the emerging Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry. They provide advisory services and a turn-key Drone as a Service (sm) solution. Their expert advice, as well as financial terms and deployment durations, are driven by client requirements. This model enhances the operational benefits of using UAS while significantly lowering costs for their clients.

32 Advisors is the preeminent cross-border business advisory firm servicing domestic and international corporations, public entities, governments, financial services firms, and high growth businesses. 32 Advisors creates value and growth for its clients through the integration of strategic planning and tactical execution, partnership/alliance development, and the use of an extensive network of contacts.

Miami Aerial captures superior quality motion and still imagery for advertising, marketing, and the promotion of its clients’ products or locations. As commercial image makers for over 30 years, they’ve added UAVs to their toolbox to enhance the scope of services they can provide. Miami Aerial flies a range of aircraft carrying differing camera options in order to furnish images of the quality required for its clients’ distinct needs. Their UAVs enable them to capture aerial images in situations and places their traditional helicopters were never able to take them. They can maneuver their aircraft between tall buildings and at lower altitudes than they were previously able, thus producing new kinds of images for clients’ specific requirements.

The microdrones GmbH was founded in October 2005. All founders had already been engaged with the development of aerial vehicles years before that time. Products of microdrones GmbH are the technologically most advanced answer for safe and highly sophisticated operations in the field of aerial reconnaissance. The microdrones are rotary wing VTOL MAVs (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing / MAV = Micro Aerial Vehicle) mainly weighing below 25kg based on the principle of quadrocopters. Equipped with high-resolution photo, video, thermography, or multispectral sensors, the microdrones simplify the work of geodesists and surveyors significantly. Permanent access to live video and telemetry give you more than just an “eye in the sky.” Whether there are life-threatening situations or difficult to reach locations in cities or other areas, the microdrones are fast, quiet, precise, and enduring, and help you reach the limits of possibility. Customers of microdrones additionally benefit by a lifetime update and service guarantee.

With future products microdrones GmbH will introduce even more sophisticated control and communication technologies. Their latest microdrone is the md4-1000, which has outstanding capabilities. It is the most efficient UAV in the 5,5 kilo class. With flight times of up to 88 min. and payloads of 1200g, it definitely has set new standards.

MicroPilot is the world’s leading manufacturer of small autopilots for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and micro aerial vehicles (MAV). They serve a variety of clients in numerous markets around the world.

The MP2028 Series Autopilots are the world’s smallest, full-featured UAV autopilots. Capabilities include airspeed hold, altitude hold, turn coordination, GPS navigation, and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), plus autonomous operation from launch to recovery.

From their single use autopilot (MP2028xp) all the way up to their powerful VTOL autopilot (MP2128HELI), MicroPilot provides a seamless upgrade path. No other autopilot manufacturer offers such adaptable technology or such a range of autopilot options at quantity pricing. Once you have learned how to work with one of their autopilots, you’re equipped to use them all. This makes MicroPilot your single-vendor solution for all your autopilot hardware, software, and accessories. It also positions you to grow and adapt at a fraction of the cost so that your newly developed UAV’s can get in the air faster with better autopilot control.

Been a photographer/veideo for over 30 years. Former Staff Photographer with the Phila. Inquirer for 15 years. Member of Dronejournalism.org.
Member of the AMA. Have been operating drones for the last 3 years for various projects without incident. I also do photo /video work in a military support role.
I keep logs on my craft, and stay on top of firmware updates, as well as pre-arm safety checks. My craft have built in failsafes for GPS and battery components.
I am using 3Dr, ‘3D Robotics’ flight control software. For this spring I have upgraded to a Gopro 4 with custom non-fisheye lens, and plan to also use a GH4 for larger projects.
I have drone specific liability insurance on my four rotor and eight rotor drones. Reliable and professional.

Monarch™ is a technology company that conceptualizes, designs, and manufactures robotic systems for commercial applications. Monarch™ builds small robotic systems (less than 50 pounds) in both fixed and rotary wing designs. Their rotary wing design, the Monarch™, has been used successfully in both precision agriculture and engineering surveys. The Monarch™ has a unique Cocoon™ that serves to house EO, IR, and multispectral sensors. Through mission planner open source software to sophisticated mapping software, autonomous flights can produce high resolution geo-rectified imagery. As a primary system engineering enclave, Monarch’s focus is on system integration and interoperability.

Naples Drone Photography is a start up company based out of Naples FL and operated by Bryan Flores. Bryan Flores has had over 10 years of experience flying remote controlled aircraft platforms as well as 10 years of photography experience. Thanks to recent drone technology this has allowed us to pair Bryan’s aircraft and photography experience to provide the perfect shot every time, all the time.

Aerial videography is a very useful and powerful tool with great promise and applications in many industries. Allow NOTADRONE.com to help you enhance your digital presence in a very impactful way, gain new customers and audiences, or simply make your job easier. NOTADRONE.com offers a professional, no-hassle approach, and works with every client until the right solution for their specific project is found. Their specialty is turn-key solutions custom-tailored to the client’s needs, from filming and video editing, to hosting, custom aircraft building, and operator training. Owner-operator Petr Hejl builds, maintains, and services his own equipment, and works with multiple units for great redundancy.

Novadem specializes in aerial robotics (UAV, drone). Since 2006, it designs and manufactures micro drones intended for civilian and military markets. Its research and development projects are supported by the Minister of Research and the regional actors of innovation. The company is the award winner of the national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies in 2006 and 2007.

Novadem commercializes its own products, with a complete manufacturing control that guarantees the highest level of quality, MADE IN FRANCE.

Founded in 1998, Nowvision Technologies provides fixed and aerial photography services to industrial customers, municipalities, private companies, and high value residential targets located throughout central & west Florida from its Tampa offices. Primarily based on security applications, Nowvision Technologies drones are used to offer a new level of threat and intrusion protection, as well as inspection and documentation services.

Since September 2013, Ocean Aerial Photography has been buying/building multiple models and flight controllers for aerial photography and video. Using quad and hex multi-rotor aerial photography platforms with GoPro and Sony mirror-less cameras, Ocean Aerial Photography captures low altitude, high tech aerial photos.

Fully Insured and SFOC Licensed with Transport Canada. Photographer located in the North Bay area available to bring your photography – cinematography requirements to life. When you need that affordable drone aerial media from above, Opspeculate is the answer. We do FULL HD aerial photography – cinematography. Innovative, Friendly ,Versatile, Patient and Resourceful. That’s how clients describe us.

At Opspeculate we enjoy a unique challenge and search for the best possible solutions. Give us an understanding of how your media will be used, and we’ll recommend an approach that will bring the best media for you…

First Impressions Change Everything. With the most advanced tools and highest quality work, the Overhead Group is the most dynamic and trusted real estate and event photography firm in the area. New Tools and Techniques. Service like you’ve never seen before. Their clients are their #1 priority. They believe in their products and hold themselves to the highest standards. They truly care about your project as much as you do, which is why they offer the best photos, videos, and editing services around. When you need to showcase your properties or events, you can count on the Overhead Group.

Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging offers close-range drone aerial video and aerial photography captured by remotely piloted RC helicopters or Helicams – a unique approach to capturing your ultra High Definition aerial video, aerial photography, panoramic photography, and digital aerial cinematography in the most dynamic, cost-effective, and flexible way possible. Their single rotor rigs offer flight performance that far exceeds any multirotor currently built.

Perfect Perspectives was one of the world’s first RC helicopter filming or aerial video companies with the unmanned payload capacity and experience to safely carry ultra High Definition UHD digital cinematography cameras, like RED EPIC, for the motion picture industry. While others had set their goals at carrying DSLR cameras, Perfect Perspectives was already carrying 8-10 lb. professional grade cameras, and has done so since 2005.

Perfect Shot Productions is an RC aerial photography and cinematography company based out of Las Vegas. Their state of the art technology allows them to capture stunning photos and videos from aerial perspectives that have never been witnessed before. With the use of R/C multirotor platforms and advanced 3-axis gimbal stabilization, they can provide footage that is virtually limitless. From a Go Pro HERO:3 Black to a Sony NEX-7, they are capable of capturing any image or video that your production requires. At Perfect Shot, they understand that every production is unique, and their team is dedicated to delivering the best that aerial cinematography has to offer. They specialize in the following fields:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Golf Course and Country Club flyovers
Sporting events
Action Sports
Corporate events
Promotional Videos

Precision Aerial Filmworks is licensed, insured, and has the skill, ability, and passion to achieve the shots you need for your next project! They have several aerial platforms capable of flying high-end camera systems. A team of professionals that share a common mind set. A collaboration of technical expertise and artistry. A creative engine capturing images that excite, astonish, and surprise. Non-traditionalists removing boundaries set by location, budget, and scale aircraft, they are the future of filmmaking and they are here today!

Agriculture is one of the most promising applications of commercial drones in the immediate future. From pest management to water dispersal, data collected by drones is becoming an invaluable asset for farmers. Singularly well-positioned in this space is Precision Hawk, the North American-based developer that uses a drone as part of their aerial agricultural artificial intelligence system. Lots of experts are comparing the advent of the commercial drone industry to the rise of the internet or even the rise of the PC. What the Precision Hawk team realized is that successful companies that got in on the ground floor when these revolutionary technologies were taking off built not just a product for consumption, but an entire platform that collects data and puts it to work.

ProPhotoUAV has been building custom premium Multirotor and UAV platforms for many satisfied customers. With years of experience in the photography, cinema, and UAV industries, they now bring their knowledge and high level customer service to ProPhotoUAV. Their commitment is customer satisfaction and the constant, continuous improvement of their products.

SightFlight provides above the ordinary low-altitude, aerial filming and photography capturing stunning viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots, broadcast quality HD Films, and high resolution Stills for a wide variety of clients and applications including production companies, corporate promotional videos, sports, events, commercials, along with search and rescue tasks. SightFlight also has full design & video editing capabilities.

Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies was established to bring state-of-the-art technologies to small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). They incorporate the latest proven technological advances in solar power, batteries, composite materials, and aeronautical design. The Silent Falcon™ sUAS is the most effective aerial platform for carrying their leading edge sensors that collect, transmit, and store the data and imagery required for a rapidly growing number of global commercial, public safety, and traditional defense and security ISR applications.

New uses and applications for sUAS are being discovered almost daily. To capitalize on the exploding market for sUAS applications, Silent Falcon UAS has designed the Silent Falcon™ as a flexible, open architecture system, with a modular airframe that can easily incorporate technological advances in sensors, airframes, telemetry, and data and imagery acquisition, transmission, and storage.

Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Sky Candy Studios is an aerial cinematography production company that uses an innovative approach to their projects. By combining their expertise in aerial photography and videography with quality production capabilities, they give their customers a friendly, professional, and prompt experience. Corporate, commercial, and even entertainment projects are what they do.

SkyeCamProductions is a professional aerial photography and videography company based out of Baltimore, MD. They strive to capture beautiful shots from the skies when and where you need them! They fly the latest in multi-rotor technology, with full video stabilization and up to 4K video resolution. They now offer their clients a full autonomous flight path. Simply select coordinates on a map, and they will fly.

The SkyeCam Productions team will travel anywhere needed in the US and abroad to get you the best aerial “drone” footage from above!

They are competitive and keep their prices lower than any competition. SkyeCamProductions includes photo and video post-processing and editing as part of every service.

SkyFlyVideo is a division of TR Productions, New England’s corporate video and multimedia leader. Their high-definition, low-altitude aerial video shots use radio-controlled highly stabilized flying camera platforms with custom modified HD cameras. This allows you to add more excitement than ever to your organization’s image at an economy in cost, time, and creativity far better than traditional aerial work.

They offer a combination of technical and marketing expertise. Not just a few guys with a camera and copter, but seasoned professional storytellers with years of video production experience, as well as internet marketing expertise. They can take your project far beyond the aerial shot – they design programs, write scripts, conduct powerful interviews, and put together complete programs should there a be a need to go beyond just the aerial shot. And Meteorologist Mark Rosenthal brings his 40 years of weather forecasting to plan a safe flight around optimal weather conditions, ensuring the best picture perfect day to showcase your project.

Sunlight Photonics is a technology development company focused on airborne wireless communications systems and services. The company was formed in 2007 by a team of former Bell Labs and NASA scientists and engineers to address identified and future needs for a new generation of PV and hybrid power UAVs capable of high endurance and high performance that can be manufactured at a competitive cost. Sunlight is addressing emerging applications in which the advantages of its unique UAV design, hybrid power systems, and communications software technologies are effectively utilized.

Sunlight’s primary focus is the development of advanced solar UAVs for low-through, high-altitude missions in broadband wireless networks and services. This is a huge nascent market of global significance, and the company’s unique capabilities can address many of the outstanding challenges for successful implementation. The company has made exceptional progress, and is currently expanding its manufacturing capabilities and introducing a series of Sunlink UAVs which incorporate advanced airframe designs and PV power systems. The Sunlink-X version is specifically designed for high-altitude, long-endurance missions, and will be an enabling platform in Sunfleet Networks, which are designed to deliver global broadband wireless services.

Recent innovations in the civilian UAV industry have allowed Superior Sky Shots to use a capable aerial vehicle to capture your difficult-to-acquire pictures and video. Common uses include: commercial and private real estate, natural disaster/damage assessment, land survey, agriculture, construction, sporting events, concerts, school functions, and auto races.

Swann is a family-owned business that since 1987 has become the world’s number 1 brand in do-it-yourself surveillance. From humble beginnings making modems in the basement of David Swann’s family home in Melbourne, Australia, the business now has a presence in over 40 countries on 6 continents. Swann has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, China, and Russia.

Swann is at the forefront of surveillance and monitoring technology and is proud to launch high-tech solutions, including wireless connectivity, professional-quality CCTV cameras with infrared night vision, digital video recording with motion detection and networkability, web surveillance, and remote notification. The Swann range is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation, and there is a security solution to suit any home or business and budget.

The Drones Shop offers Waterproof Mariner Drones Splash Drones FPV Products and Ready To Fly UAV Packages. We also offer high quality video capturing of Real Estate, Aerial Photography of Crops, Bridges, and Electrical Equipment. We also offer all water environment drone photography as our drones are the only waterproof drones available. If you need a drone for a yachting or boating event then we are the ones to call.

The Flying Camera is a South African-based company offering services that include:
Aerial Photography
Aerial Video
3D Mapping of Quarry Pits and Stockpiles
Volumetric Control of Quarries Pits and Stockpiles
Aerial Inspection of Towers, Roofs, and Electrical Pylons
Game Counting

The Flying Camera also SELLS quality multi-copters and accessories. They have various size multi-copters available and they can supply you with everything you will need to get started.

They also have complete packages for DIY stockpile and quarry pit measurement and 3D modelling. This also includes software and training.

Spearheading American innovation in drones and UAV technology, Turbo Ace has emerged as a world class developer and manufacturer of multicopters and camera stabilization gimbals. Started in 2008 by a team of seasoned engineers, multicopter pilots, and production specialists, Turbo Ace is among the first to pioneer the growing fields of aerial video marketing, cinematography, long range surveillance, and inspection. With an unparalleled synergy between its development and manufacturing resources, Turbo Ace has established a trusted line of top-selling quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters with breakthrough performance abilities, payload capacities, and flight times.

A blockbuster launched in 2012, the Turbo Ace Matrix quadcopter has become a national phenomenon, capturing a lion’s share of all top level professional quadcopter applications. While the Matrix momentum continues, new excitement is now building around the recently released Cinewing-6HL hexacopter and Infinity-9 octocopter, both of which are equally potent breakthroughs in their respective classes of UAV. What’s the secret? At the core of Turbo Ace principles is an unwavering pursuit for excellence. Once the company has targeted a new project, Turbo Ace sets out with an almost insurmountable list of objectives and spares no expense to meet and exceed expectations. Upon completion of development, the product transitions immediately to mass production with Turbo Ace’s fully established network of manufacturing facilities. In addition to offering superior quality at factory direct prices, Turbo Ace is also an authorized dealer, with daily shipments from Spektrum, Futaba, Walkera, DJI, CopterX, SkyRC, Thunder Power, Fatshark, GoPro, DJI, and more than 20 other name brands, allowing you to pick the best transmitters, flight controllers, gimbals, batteries, chargers, and accessories for your specific applications. Whether you are looking for a long distance quadcopter for surveillance or a heavy-lifting octocopter with advanced stabilization for DSLR and Red Epic video productions, Turbo Ace offers a range of cost-effective turnkey solutions with unrivaled quality, service, and support.

UAV Factory Ltd. is a high-tech company that specializes in unmanned aircraft platform and subsystem design and manufacture. Unlike most companies in the industry, UAV Factory is a vertically integrated organization, which manufactures almost all of its products in-house. This allows the company to oversee all stages of product design and manufacture, as a result providing unrivaled product quality, competitive pricing, and lead-time. Established in 2009, UAV Factory supplies its unmanned aircraft, pneumatic catapults, onboard generator systems, and portable ground control stations to customers in 30 counties today. UAV Factory’s customers include many well-known integrator companies, research agencies, and universities. The Penguin B UAV platforms are a benchmark for research and educational users. Nearly all leading universities in the USA with Unmanned Programs own Penguin B UAV platforms.

Today, UAV Factory has 29 employees that are highly dedicated professionals from various industries – aerospace, mechanics, production, mechatronics, software, and electrics.

UAV Factory owns a state of the art CNC machining shop that is capable of manufacturing large aluminum molds and high-tolerance unmanned aircraft components from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and composites. The dedicated composites-processing shop manufactures all composite parts from raw materials using advanced methods to produce high-tolerance components that the unmanned aircraft industry has never seen before. UAV Factory designs and manufactures electrical assemblies that go into unmanned aircraft power generator systems, control stations, and pneumatic catapults.

ULTRAHD Aerials flies UAS/UAV Drone Camera systems for corporate advertising, construction progress and engineering, survey and inspection, and television productions. Stop paying full size heli rates. Traditional helicopters start at 1500-2500 per hour (without the camera crew!), require tons of paperwork, charge airtime to and from the airport, can’t get close for safety reasons, cost a fortune on standby, and none of their footage is even stabilized! Now you have a choice. ULTRAHD’s drones are cheaper, more efficient (change batteries and fly again), and use gyro-stabilized camera gimbals, which means the footage looks absolutely stunning! With the ULTRAHD team’s experience, they are able to put the camera where you want it: outside, inside, high, low, fast, slow, or very close. They also have a handheld gyro-stabilized camera system for ground-based filming. No need for a separate aerial crew and a separate ground crew. And with a cutting edge handheld gimbal system, no more jibs, tracks, sliders, or rails are required for dynamic movement; what used to take a day, ULTRAHD Aerials does in hours, and that saves everyone time and money. So whether it’s a corporate showreel, a tv production, architectural aerials, or construction progress photos, let ULTRAHD Aerials drones do the work for you.

Unmanned Aerial Online is the web’s destination for news, analysis, and thoughtful leadership on the burgeoning commercial and civil unmanned aerial vehicle sector. As regulators build momentum toward the safe and steady integration of UAVs into our airspace, practically limitless applications for unmanned aerial systems are emerging: fire/rescue, agriculture, land surveying, wildlife management, real estate, visual arts, and utility management, just to name a handful.

Unmanned Aerial Online covers these applications and the technologies, stakeholders, and ideas that are driving their growth. To deliver its content, Unmanned Aerial Online monitors industry activity by examining product trends, reporting on policy, and collecting expert feedback through both daily news coverage and special features. The news and analysis offered on unmanned-aerial.com and delivered via its Latest Headlines e-mail newsletter give readers access to important information that will shape how this industry develops and business decisions are made.

Vertical Prime is a company of filmmakers, pilots, editors, and creative professionals based in Orange County, CA. With their unique blend of skills ranging from cinematography to RC plane and helicopter piloting and post-production graphics effects, they are able to provide aerial production at the highest and safest level with their DJI S1000 Octocopter.

Vidifly is an aerial video production company that flies remote-controlled multi-rotor helicopters with high definition cameras.

Vidifly gets the “impossible shot” that engages viewers and generates more shares, more clarity, and more impact. Vidifly marketing videos are used for sporting and charity events, resorts and private property promotion, news organizations, and brand content creators.

The Vidifly team creates highly immersive video by flying over, through, around, and above almost anything. “Anything” could be a building, a golf course, a beach resort… or a race, adventure sport, or any gathering of people. Outdoors or indoors.

Vidifly helps clients visualize their “impossible shot” in a way that uniquely connects with an audience. By thinking ahead about integrating this content into the marketing mix, Vidifly develops shot lists, story boards, and final edits that deliver much more than “tripod” video.

National Aerial Cinematography Experts located in the southeastern United States.

FILMMAKERS – The entire VidMuze team comes from a film production background. With over 15 years of film making experience, they’re able to capture the best cinematic and epic style shots from the air. With aerial video technology, they bring your productions to new heights.

CINEMATIC CAMERAS – VidMuze is able to lift a whole array of the latest cinematic cameras with its “Heavy Lifter” Octocopter and Hexacopter ships. These cinematic cameras include Hollywood’s award-winning Red Dragon/Epic, Canon C300/500, Sony FS700, Black Magic Cinema/Pocket, Canon or Nikon DSLRs, and Panasonic’s GH2/GH3.

CINEMATIC LENSES – Shooting cinematically requires the best cameras along with the proper prime lenses. Shooting with longer focal length lenses and superior piloting and gimbal operating skills, VidMuze captures professional footage ready for film. Having the best glass to capture your aerial imagery is critical so that the footage maintains clarity, detail, sharpness, and rich color.

ViewPoint Aviation and ViewPoint Unmanned Aerial Systems is an industry leader in the development, deployment, training, and maintenance of unmanned aerial systems. They offer a number of services that can be tailored to their clients’ individual needs. Their most in demand specializations are aerial photography / videography and agricultural solutions. They also provide customized training for UAS operators and develop industry best practices checklists and operations specifications.

Vision Aerial Media specializes in high end, cinematic aerial videography. We provide accessibility to angles and viewpoints that until recently could only be acquired through expensive helicopter cinematography. By combining the latest technologies with unparalleled articulate camera movements from the sky we can take your next project to new heights. Offering a vantage point like no other for your next marketing or promotional needs. When coupled with our unmatched post production services, you will have a high energy and dynamic media product that will produce vibrant results. From takeoff to landing we can plan, prepare, and produce all your aerial media needs.

Employing the concept of “Walking in Era and Towing the Trend,” Guangzhou Walkera Technology CO. LTD. has relied on its strong research and development ability and manufacturing capacity to become a professional aero-model manufacturer that unites product research and development, production, marketing, and service.

Walkera factory, which is located in the Panyu District, Guangzhou City (the center of the Pearl River Delta), has 40,000 m2 of garden-style workshops and more than 1,000 senior engineers and skilled workers. Walkera-branded series products harmoniously integrate mechanics, electronics, software, and aerodynamics. All the items are protected by patent. Walkera has exported its products to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and all over the world. With high-quality and valued service, it has an established reputation in the field.

Waypoint Global Strategies, Inc. is a strategy-consulting firm delivering high-technology applications for unmanned aerial systems worldwide. They provide operations, training, and logistical support to clients who seek to integrate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology into their daily operations.
Waypoint’s solutions include:

– Conducting feasibility studies on UAV integration for governments and private companies worldwide
– Implementing performance-based logistics to optimize flight operations
– Delivering advanced analytics to enhance operations and deliver business insight
– Giving support to public safety clients (police, fire, search and rescue, etc.) to optimize UAV deployments
– Hosting academia, industry leaders, and clients at its Unmanned Aerial Systems Center of Excellence for symposia on industry best practices

White Falcon Visuals provides aerial photography and video to commercial and residential real estate professionals, developers, property owners, land surveyors, agricultural caretakers, event promoters, and individuals.

We are a diverse film production company located in Southern California comprised of an experienced group of filmmakers with unsurpassed energy to bring your production to life. Work and Play Productions has worked on a broad range of projects, including music videos, documentaries, outdoor adventures, award winning short films, public service announcements, and much more.Our capabilities are only limited by our imagination. We specialize in all types of HD (up to 4K) footage including aerial, green screen, underwater, still photography and time-lapse, utilizing state of the art equipment to create the on screen magic that becomes your story or adventure.

Yuneec International Co., Ltd is a global leader in developing and manufacturing high tech electric propulsion systems for aircraft, small unmanned aerial systems, personal electric transport systems, smart radio systems, and sports action cameras. Yuneec Aviation pioneered manned electric flight with their GW280 eSpyder one seat ultralight and GW430 e430 two seater light plane. They employ several hundred talented people around the world and are dedicated to making game changing products that are affordable and accessible to everyone. Their global operations span Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

ZOOM Aerial Photography, LLC. (ZOOM), a Colorado-owned and -operated company, was created with a vision to revolutionize the aerial photography business. The mission was to provide superior quality, innovative digital​ aerial products, and a client focus.

ZOOM has established strong partnerships with national industry leaders in producing digital imagery throughout the US. Through these relationships, ZOOM has developed the largest database of seamless digital color aerial photography of the Colorado Front Range. ZOOM has also captured one of the largest libraries of stock oblique aerial images in the region.

With over 25 years of combined experience, the ZOOM team is one of the most knowledgeable, personable, and creative groups of professionals in the aerial industry. Their strength is generated from the commitment to their clients, their industry, and their employees. They pride themselves on providing superior client relations and utilizing cutting edge technology.

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