A Golden Tip – How To Negotiate When Buying Drones In Bulk (Wholesale)

If you are looking to buy drones wholesale – it makes a lot of sense to negotiate and try to get a rock bottom price, right? Wrong. Here’s why:

Negotiating a low price is essentially a good thing, but when placing an order for drones in bulk, you need to be very careful.

In order to understand the risk of negotiation, you need to first understand what is really “going on” in the wholesale China direct market:

When a new, boiling hot drone comes on the market, there is only one factory producing it.

As soon as the other drone factories see how hot this drone is, they will also start producing it.

But “producing” a drone takes time. Tools and parts take time to produce or to acquire.

During this time, demand for the hot drone is rising, and the factory or factories producing it cannot catch up with the demand.

So here is the danger: supply is limited. You may be dealing directly with the factory, but in most cases you will be dealing with a trading company that buys from the factory. This trading company, as well as the factory itself, cannot supply the demand, and will try to sell the fixed qty available at the highest possible price.

Once a factory is working 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, it has reached maximum supply output, and this is when prices start to go up, not down.

Simply put: if you try to negotiate a low price, your supplier will sell the goods to another buyer that simply “accepts” the price.

Conclusion: Negotiate, but very gently and don’t push too much. The moment you push for a low price, you will notice your supplier is very “busy” and does not even have time to reply to your emails; the supplier will be busy selling the drones you want to another buyer!!!

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