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Money Making Drones Are The Best Drones

The internet is full of articles, blogs and reviews, offering opinions and advice about which drone is best for you, why it is the best, and how to choose the drone with the best features.

Seeing you are a wholesale buyer, looking to buy drones in bulk China factory direct, there is in fact only ONE drone that is the best for you:

The drone that will MAKE MONEY for you!

Visitors to this site are drone importers, distributors and mass retailers, looking to buy the newest, cheapest and best drones.  But the objective is not aerial photography or racing drones, the objective is simple to MAKE MONEY.

So lets take a quick look at the money making factors:

  • The supplier is more important than the drone: best selling drones come and go all the time. A good supplier is ideally a long term relationship. A good Chinese drone supplier will always inform you about the newest, best and cheapest drones coming out, and will recommend the drones that are actually available. (Not much point trying to buy drones that are so hot, that you need to wait months to get them, and by that time they are not hot anymore and the market is flooded).  Try to maintain a solid relationship with  your supplier; don’t switch to a different supplier just because they offer a lower price; they do it to “pull you in” and next order price will go up. As a long term business plan, focus on a good supplier.
  • Quality: All buyers are looking for cheap drones…but be careful. A cheap drone that arrives with quality problems is not cheap anymore…when you get returns and unhappy customers, this “cheap” drone is now VERY expensive. Once again, this is where a good relationship with a Chinese drone exporter kicks in. Your Chinese partner is on the factory floor, and knows very well if the quality of the drone is good or not. Aim for quality first, once you feel the quality has been secured, look for a low price on a high quality drone.
  • Cost of shipping: Shipping drones from China to other parts of the world is very expensive. Be wise about the shipping. As a general rule, ocean freight is the best option, as it is safe and cheap. But ocean freight requires planning months in advance. Keep in mind you will need to wait for your drones to be produced. First, you will wait for your turn, then you will wait for the actual production time, then you will wait for the drones to be shipped, and then the shipping itself can easily take a month so if you want drones 3 months from now, order your drones today.

Conclusion: How many features a drone has and what kind of features, do not make it a good drone. A good drone is a drone that will put money in your pocket. It should be of good quality, available, as cheap as possible and there must be high demand for the specific type of drone you are buying. Some drones are always in high demand and very popular even if they are not the hottest DJI drone out there: best of all are toy drones. Toy RC drones are always fun, exciting, cheap and best selling.

One final comment: A drone cannot be good, if it is not a lucky drone. Every business transaction requires a certain amount of luck.

On our site, every drone is a lucky drone, if you buy your drones from a wholesale supplier or a drone manufacturer listed here, you have a higher chance of being lucky!

A Golden Tip – How To Negotiate When Buying Drones In Bulk (Wholesale)

If you are looking to buy drones wholesale – it makes a lot of sense to negotiate and try to get a rock bottom price, right? Wrong. Here’s why:

Negotiating a low price is essentially a good thing, but when placing an order for drones in bulk, you need to be very careful.

In order to understand the risk of negotiation, you need to first understand what is really “going on” in the wholesale China direct market:

When a new, boiling hot drone comes on the market, there is only one factory producing it.

As soon as the other drone factories see how hot this drone is, they will also start producing it.

But “producing” a drone takes time. Tools and parts take time to produce or to acquire.

During this time, demand for the hot drone is rising, and the factory or factories producing it cannot catch up with the demand.

So here is the danger: supply is limited. You may be dealing directly with the factory, but in most cases you will be dealing with a trading company that buys from the factory. This trading company, as well as the factory itself, cannot supply the demand, and will try to sell the fixed qty available at the highest possible price.

Once a factory is working 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, it has reached maximum supply output, and this is when prices start to go up, not down.

Simply put: if you try to negotiate a low price, your supplier will sell the goods to another buyer that simply “accepts” the price.

Conclusion: Negotiate, but very gently and don’t push too much. The moment you push for a low price, you will notice your supplier is very “busy” and does not even have time to reply to your emails; the supplier will be busy selling the drones you want to another buyer!!!

Drones Wholesale – China Drone Wholesale Suppliers – Buy Drones In Bulk

Buying Drones in Bulk (Wholesale) Will Save You Money!

Even if you are shopping for just a few drones, buying from China direct is easy, fast & cheap!

Our Advertisers are Chinese Drone Wholesale Suppliers!

How to make an inquiry (that will get the supplier’s attention and respect):

  • Introduce yourself and/or your company.
  • Let the supplier know which drone exactly you are interested in; Drone name and Item number.
  • How many units exactly do you want? Price depends heavily on quantity.
  • Delivered to where? When? How do you want them delivered?
  • Do you have any special requirements?

Buying drones directly from the factories & wholesale suppliers in China has never been cheaper, easier or faster! Here are a few things you should know:

Quality: China has come a long way, and the quality of the drones and multirotor UAVs we sell is high. We use good, solid materials, well trained workers, and have excellent Quality Control inspectors.  We would like to suggest you buy with confidence, quality is no longer an issue.

Time: when we have a hot, new drone for sale, the whole world wants it.  You can imagine that goods are not readily available, and sometimes you may need to wait a long time for your goods.  We try to produce the drones as fast as we can, and sometimes have quadcopters in stock ready to ship immediately.  If we cannot ship immediately, please understand this is due to the specific drone being hot and best selling.

Prices: prices depend on quantity, and are negotiable. If you negotiate hard, and lower the price too much, you may end up without goods, as we will sell them to another buyer, who is willing to pay more.  Please be mature and smart, if we need to practically give the drones away to get your order, you may experience some lack of enthusiasm on the part of the sales agent.

Sales Personnel: our sales team members are fluent in English, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and Chaozhounese, which is the local dialect spoken in the Chenghai area, the drone manufacturing hub of China.  They have been well trained in sales and customer service, and will offer fast time sensitive replies to your emails with remarkable speed and accurate helpful information.

Shipping: there are many ways to ship the goods.  Larger orders of UAVs (Drones) will obviously be shipped via ocean freight, but in some cases, especially if the product is mini Nano quadcopters, air freight may be suitable, and sometimes express delivery is in order.  Post office is also an option, if you are a person that is planning ahead long term.  The key point about shipping drones and quadcopters is that you need to be smart and wise about choosing the most suitable shipping method which will be both cost effective and time sensitive, so please discuss with your dedicated sales person, this person will offer good, money saving, money making tips on shipping.

Samples: we do offer samples, as often big customers will want to test a drone first, before buying a full container.  We charge the sample fee, which reflects the amount of time we need to spend on testing it, packaging it, labeling and invoicing, taking care of the payment and so on.  Every transaction, even for one sample, has a high cost attached, so…you are welcome to get samples, but you will need to pay for them.  The images we offer on our site are clear, and if you are able to believe your eyes, please consider skipping the sample step which basically wastes a lot of time and money, you can believe that “what you see is what you get”, and place an order with confidence without buying samples first.

Timing: time is of the essence.  Orders are pouring in all the time.  If we offer a price and a shipping date, this info is accurate and valid for 48 hours, which is the time needed to receive your payment, if you act immediately. Please note that if you procrastinate and think about your order for a while, during this time we will receive many new orders, and the shipping time is no longer valid. Be smart, be sharp, and act fast.  If you snooze, you loose.

Payment: needless to say, anything you order should be paid for in advance, before we produce your goods. In some cases, if you buy a container, a deposit will be enough, providing the entire balance is paid before shipment. For all orders less than a full container load, payment in full is required at the time your order is finalized and production time is reserved for your order.

Conclusion: it is obvious that buying your drones and quadcopters directly from the factory in China will save you money. But the cost of shipping is high, especially the cost of express delivery.  Be clever, smart and listen to the advice from our sales team; careful planning, buying the correct kind of drones, and using the most appropriate method of shipping is crucial if you want to make money.  We don’t bother with multirotor drones for sale that are not hot, best selling drones.  You can be very sure that every drone, multirotor, uav and quadcopter for sale on this site is a hot, best selling drone.

To summarize my UAV/Drone blog below: UAVs/Drones are weapons.  The UAVs/Drones for sale offered on this site, and every other site, are rc helicopters with cameras, not real UAVs/Drones.  It seems like the word “UAV/Drone” is turning out to be one of the best marketing gimmicks of all times! RC mini helicopters, tiny rc helicopters and palm size rc helicopters are usually too small to carry cameras or video cameras. But all other kinds of remote control helicopters, regardless if they are indoor rc helicopters or outdoor remote controlled helicopters usually have the ability to carry a camera or a video camera.  Once an rc helicopter for sale has a camera attached to it, it becomes a “UAV/Drone“. Some of these “UAVs/Drones” are just rc toys for sale, and some are a more sophisticated hobby model flying rc helicopter for sale with a better overall quality, but do not confuse rc helicopters for sale with real UAVs/Drones for sale.  Every “UAV/Drone for sale” on this page and on the market is just an rc helicopter for sale, real UAVs/Drones are not for sale on consumer websites!

Originally the only kind of UAVs/Drones were military UAVs/Drones. But these days UAVs/Drones have become very popular, and include multiple kinds and categories of UAVs/Drones, like: rc UAVs/Drones, toy UAVs/Drones, hobbyUAVs/Drones, commercial UAVs/Drones and professional UAVs/Drones, and they vary in quality and equipment fromUAVs/Drones that are just toys, to real aircraft quality. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as aUAV/Drone and referred to as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. If a UAV/Drone does not have a camera or video capabilities it is not considered to be a real UAV/Drone. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. The typical launch and recovery method of an unmanned aircraft (UAV/Drone) is by the function of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground. Historically, UAVs/Drones were simple remotely piloted aircraft, but autonomous control is increasingly being employed. UAVs/Drones are usually deployed for military and special operation applications, but also used in a small but growing number of civil applications, such as search and rescue, policing and firefighting, and nonmilitary security work, such as surveillance of pipelines or bridges. UAVs/Drones are often preferred for missions that are too “dull, dirty or dangerous” for manned aircraft.  The toy and hobby industries went through an “earthquake” in 2005 when the first rc helicopters came on the market.  Once the action moved up into the air, it was obvious that rc helicopters were the most exciting and most fun kind of toys, and the mini rc helicopters became hot and popular toys.  From that moment onward, rc helicopters continued to EVOLVE in quality, precision and equipment.  Moving from a remote control helicopter to a UAV/Drone was a natural step.  Take a radio controlled helicopter, put a camera on it, and now it is a…UAV/Drone.  The line between rc helicopters and UAVs/Drones is a thin line.  Any rc helicopter with a camera or a video is in fact a UAV/Drone.  UAVs/Drones appeal to the mass market as rc toys, and will no doubt continue to be the hottest toys forever, as nothing beats a flying helicopter with a video camera.  What makes the UAVs/Drones so unique is the fact they come in so many shapes and sizes, and vary in quality from rc toys all the way to aircraft quality….real airplanes!  And besides being very exciting and fun to fly toys, UAVs/Drones have so many useful practices.  UAVs/Drones are and will be a very hot selling product forever!

I was in the toy manufacturing business for about 25 years.  At a certain point it became obvious that the best selling category of toys is the rc toys, also known as remote control toys or radio control toys. Kids love rc cars, particularly rc stunt cars, but also rc boats, rc trucks, and of course rc airplanes.  Flying an rc airplane is a lot more exciting than playing on the ground with an rc toy, but, it is still somewhat boring, similar to flying a kite that just sits there.  When the rc helicopters came out in 2005, they came as a tsunami….The factories in China were not able to produce enough to supply the demand: mini rc helicopters, tiny rc helicopters, palm size rc helicopters, indoor rc helicopters and outdoor rc helicopters….it just went on and on. It was crystal clear that remote control helicopters and radio controlled helicopters are the next big thing…for a very long time.  But who could imagine that the craze of flying rc toys, would turn into the “UAV/Drone craze”?  All the toy factories in China need to do is attach a camera or a video camera to an rc helicopter, and this helicopter now becomes a UAV/Drone.  The number of uses for UAVs/Drones is unimaginable and unlimited. First, just like the rc helicopters, the UAVs/Drones come in multiple sizes and shapes.  Large UAVs/DronesminiUAVs/Drones, outdoor UAVs/Drones, indoor UAVs/Drones, expensive UAVs/Drones, cheap UAVs/Drones, it just goes on and on.  Now I tell my dog to fetch the newspaper, it is just a question of time before indoor tiny UAVs/Droneswill be able to fetch and move things from one place to another inside a house.  Just think of all the aerial photography opportunities theUAVs/Drones offer! Land surveys, agriculture use, search and rescue, spying and tracking movements, delivery of goods, and last but not least, just fun….As time goes by, the UAVs/Drones will be put to use more and more for commercial and professional use, but the largest sector using UAVs/Drones will always be the consumer market, UAVs/Drones are the ultimate toys!

A Good Supplier Is More Important Than A Good Drone!

Knowing which drone is best for you, and why, is very important. But a lot more important, is knowing which is the right SUPPLIER for you. If you are dealing with the wrong drone supplier, your business will not survive. On this site you will find a long list of Chinese drone manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. Take your time and choose the RIGHT supplier! Once you have chosen your UAV wholesale supplier, you can start focusing on which quadcopters to buy, and how to obtain the lowest possible wholesale prices.

Getting to know your drone wholesale supplier is achieved via communication. Send an inquiry via the contact form.

Look out for signs like how fast is the supplier replying, is the supplier answering all your questions, or only a few of them, and are the quotations detailed and professional.

A good drone supplier is the best partner you can ever have. Your supplier will recommend the right drones for you, and will usually offer them at a competitive price with a fast delivery date.

Buying drones directly from the factories & wholesale suppliers in China has never been cheaper, easier or faster! How to buy drones wholesale? When buying drones in bulk, price depends on the quantity. Contact the supplier via the contact form to the side of each ad, and let the supplier know how many drones exactly you want to buy. Save your money. Buy factory direct. Are you a drone wholesale supplier? Post a free ad, and reach thousands of wholesale drone buyers worldwide!